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How do I start creating a Registered Apprenticeship Program for my company?

  1. Identify the “apprenticeable” occupation(s) for which you have hiring needs. Over 1,000 occupations have been approved as apprenticeable by the U.S. Department of Labor. If the occupation is not yet approved (such as Solar Installer for example), then another related or similar occupation may be able to be modified. You may search for existing apprenticeable occupations using the U.S. Department of Labor's Approved Occupations Tool. You may also reach out to your state apprenticeship representative on this List of State Apprenticeship Agency and State Office of Apprenticeship Contacts for assistance in determining if there are existing approved apprenticeable occupations that may be relevant for your company.
  2. Determine the appropriate “Sponsor.” (See Employer Options section above) An apprenticeship sponsor is the entity that registers the program and is responsible for the administration and operation of the program. A wide variety of entities may sponsor programs for employers to participate in, including educational institutions, community based organizations, trade associations, employer consortiums, and unions – or a single employer can sponsor their own program.
  3. Develop a Work Process Schedule & Training Plan. The Work Process Schedule defines the number of On-the-Job-Learning hours that must be completed in each major task category the apprentice needs to learn how to do. The training plan defines the related instruction to be completed. (The sponsor is primarily responsible for this item.)
  4. Develop Program Requirements and Policies, ncluding eligibility requirements, credit for prior experience & education, program format & duration, wage progression schedule, apprentice to journeyworkers or mentor ratio, complaint procedures, non-discrimination policies, and diversity goals. (The sponsor is primarily responsible for this item.)
  5. Register the Program with a State Apprenticeship Agency or U.S. Department of Labor.   Also register the program with the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure veterans can access their GI Bill benefits. (The sponsor is primarily responsible for  registration.)

Source: SEIA