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Does NABCEP offer special accommodations if I have a disability?

The short answer is, yes. 

Here is a link to download the NABCEP special accommodations form: NABCEP Special Accommodations Request Form

If you need special accomodations for NABCEP PV Exams, including the PV Associate Exam and all PV Board Certifications you can fill out the NABCEP Special Accommodations Request Form and submit it to NABCEP using the instructions on the form. After submitting the NABCEP request form you will also still need to fill out the standard NABCEP exam application for the exam you intend to take.

The introduction to the NABCEP Special Accomodation Request Form follows:

To ensure equal opportunities for all qualified persons and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, Inc®. (NABCEP®) will make reasonable accommodations for candidates when possible. The information you provide and any documentation regarding your disability and your need or accommodation will be treated with strict confidentiality. Review of requests for accommodations can take 3-4 weeks or more and should be submitted as far in advanced as possible.

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