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Advanced Solar + Storage

Developed by Wes Kennedy and SolarPro, this is the most advanced, technical course covering the equipment and design of the new wave of energy storage. This course is designed to help you win and deliver on large-scale solar-plus-storage projects.

ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation for Single-Family Dwellings

Instructor Rick Karg is has been a member of the ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation committee since 2007 and heads the existing dwellings group. He served as the lead editor of ASHRAE’s Guideline 24-2015, a document that supplements the ASHRAE 62.2 standard.

Solar Executive MBA Training

Rigorous, hands-on business training for solar professionals. Learn all of the skills to finance the commercial solar projects in your pipeline. Includes Excel modeling, legal documents, individual feedback, and weekly conference calls.

Building Automation

This is a comprehensive building automation course taught over five weeks by Ron Bernstein and Consulting-Specifying Engineer. Earn CEUs and learn to design smart buildings through hands-on exercises.

Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA)

This is an opportunity to spend eight weeks learning from the great Ann Edminster, while earning AIA and GBCI Credit. Registration includes full 1-year membership at

Net Zero Water for Buildings and Sites

A cutting edge and world-class professional development opportunity for those who are serious about pushing the boundaries of green buildings and sustainable water use. This course provides a technical and comprehensive look at achieving net zero water.

Financial Modeling for Solar PV Projects

This is a unique and intensive hands-on course on modeling distributed generation solar PV projects. The course includes sample models of an unstructured income statement, a partnership flip, and a sale-leaseback.

Modernizing Enterprise Data Centers for Fun and Profit

Spend five weeks learning from Jonathan Koomey, a Research Fellow at the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University and one of the foremost international experts on data center energy use, efficiency, and management.

NABCEP PV Installer Certification Exam Prep

Taking the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification Exam? It's notoriously difficult, and this course is a great way to prepare. You'll get access to a 75-question practice exam, many hours of lecture videos, and a world-class instructor.

Commercial Space Executive Leadership Training

The near-term business opportunities in commercial space are staggering. This is a rare opportunity for existing firms and entrepreneurs to quantify their opportunity in commercial space and create a map for achieving success.

Land Boundary Master Class

Seven-week master class with Point of Beginning's Jeff Lucas. This is the most comprehensive land boundary course available online.

Megawatt Design

Spend ten weeks learning from Ryan Mayfield, the Solar PV Technical Editor at SolarPro. Ryan has developed this course to help experienced solar professionals get their projects permitted and installed faster and cheaper.

Entry Level Geothermal Professional Certificate Training

The best way to get into the Geothermal Heat Pump industry. Six weeks of videos, discussion, reading, webinars, homework assignments, and tests led by the author of the IGSHPA installation and design manual. Intended for professionals entering the geoth

Data-Driven Farming

This is a hands-on course for farmers, developed in partnership with the USDA. Spend eight weeks collecting and working with the most useful data for your farm.

Microgrid Executive MBA Training

Microgrids are a potentially transformative force in the electricity industry. This is a comprehensive, data-driven course for professionals developed by Renewable Energy World and Dr. Mahesh Bhave.

Mastering Building Science

Plumb the depths of residential building science with Dr. Allison Bailes. This course is designed for professionals with a good handle on the fundamentals of building science. This class is about going deeper and getting heavy into the numbers.

Mastering Hydronic System Design

Master Advanced Hydronic Design with John Siegenthaler. John works with you for 10 weeks - Learn to design state-of-the-art systems that deliver comfort, efficiency, and reliability. Approved by AIA for 26 LU/HSW.

Green Roof Professional (GRP) Accreditation Training

GRHC’s Green Roof Professional (GRP) is the most prestigious credential in the green roof industry. This course includes everything you need to take and pass the GRP Accreditation Exam.

IGSHPA Certified GeoExchange Designer (CGD Plus) Training

Certified GeoExchange Designers (CGD) are the ninjas of the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry. Certification is offered through IGSHPA and the AEE with world-class instruction from Dr. Charles Remund and Ryan Carda.

40-Hour Advanced Solar PV Installer Training

For experienced solar professionals looking to take the NABCEP Installer Exam, and advance within the industry. Includes 40 NABCEP-approved hours of advanced PV training.

Integrated HVAC Engineering

Spend ten weeks learning with Robert Bean and learn to see the world in a new way. This is an advanced course for professionals covering building science, indoor environmental quality, systems controls, radiant heating & cooling, and much more.

Zero Net Energy Homes

This is a foundational NESEA experience – a chance to work with Marc Rosenbaum. He’ll teach you to do your own energy modeling and design a full Zero Net Energy Home. Successful students earn their ‘ZNEH Certificate’ plus AIA, BPI, GBCI and CSL credits.

Solar PV Installer Boot Camp Training + NABCEP Entry Level Exam Prep

Start here. This is comprehensive solar training for contractors, electricians, and professionals who want to design and install solar PV. Includes 'PV Systems' textbook and practice tests for the NABCEP Entry Level Exam.

IGSHPA Geothermal Installer Certification Training

Online for the first time! Get Certified as an IGSHPA Accredited Geothermal Installer. This is the foundational course for all geothermal installers, drillers and designers. Includes full set of manuals, IGSHPA certification, website listing.

Passive House Design

Students who complete the course will design a Passive House, including key design decisions, using a simplified version of PHPP. Sample floor plans and a variety of design tools and calculators are included. AIA credits available.

Hydronic-Based Biomass Heating Systems

This comprehensive 10-week course, developed in partnership with the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC), is a unique opportunity for professionals to learn from an industry expert, take their skills to the next level, and earn AIA learning units.

Batteries in Solar PV Systems

ISPQ Certified Master Trainer Christopher LaForge's deep dive into battery-based solar PV systems. A one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about battery systems from a true master.

Solar Approaches to Radiant Heating

Six weeks of intensive instruction from Vaughan Woodruff and the RPA. This course is for serious professionals with relevant experience. You'll learn the latest, most advanced concepts for integrating solar with radiant heating systems.

Hydronics for High Efficiency Biomass Boilers - Sponsored by NYSERDA

This workshop fulfills contractor training requirements to participate in NYSERDA's 'Renewable Heat NY' program. The course examines best practices for combining modern, high efficiency wood-fired boilers with hydronic distribution systems.

Condensing Boilers in Hydronic Systems

This comprehensive course will help hydronic system designers upgrade their system designs and control strategies to be able to take full advantage of the energy savings and comfort benefits these boilers have to offer.

Fundamentals of Radiant Design

6 weeks with RPA legend Dave Yates. This is a foundational course for anyone doing hands-on work in the radiant or hydronics industry. It provides the foundation for a long and productive career.

NABCEP PV Technical Sales Exam Prep

Taking the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification Exam? It's notoriously difficult, and this course is a great way to prepare. You'll get access to a 70-question practice exam, many hours of lecture videos, and a world-class instructor.

Home Performance Sales Leadership Training

With a full set of sophisticated tools, dashboards, and approaches, this course, developed by OmStout’s Mike Rodgers in partnership with the Home Performance Coalition, is designed to help top salespeople become elite performers.

The Injected Polyurethane Foam (IPF) Method

Spend six weeks with Henri Fennell learning to use injected open and closed-cell polyurethane foam to insulate, air seal, and provide vapor control in new and existing buildings.

Residential Hydronic Heating

This is the foundational course on residential hydronic heating from the RPA, based on the classic I=B=R guide. It's an opportunity to earn CEUs and learn what every designer, installer, and technician needs to know about hydronic heating

Solar Power 101

This course is designed to help professionals in the traditional energy sector make the transition to selling, delivering, and managing solar power assets. You'll learn the business and finance side of solar, plus the technical and engineering side.

Commercial Roofing Boot Camp

10-week master class with renowned industry executive and researcher, Dr. James Hoff. Learn the key principles of modern roofing as well as the best tools to put these principles into action - includes real-world capstone project.

Building Energy Analytics: Measuring and Understanding Building Energy Use

Design and install an energy monitoring system. Collect and analyze the data. Create reports and troubleshoot based on real numbers. These are the foundational skills required to apply all building science to the real world.

LEED Project Management

Hands-on LEED Project Management course for professionals. Learn to get LEED Projects done better, faster, cheaper. Includes tools, templates, mentorship, and CEUs.

Energy Modeling in eQuest

Comprehensive energy modeling course for professionals that teaches commercial energy modeling using eQuest. The course is hands-on - you're actually going to build and run energy models. After the course you can confidently do this for clients.

An Introduction to Designing Building Automation Dashboards, User Interfaces, and Public Kiosks

Facility user interfaces are a crucial part of any building automation and control system. This module will look at the various options, trends, and capabilities.

An Introduction to Smart Buildings

Understand the difference between “dumb” buildings and “smart” buildings, and recognize the different variants of what is considered a smart building.

Fundamentals of Building Open Control Networking Systems

This course explores wide variety of systems that have separate functions yet may be integrated with other systems to communicate and share data, together creating the greater BAS and BMS infrastructure.

Smart Building System Design and System Integration

This course follows the 102 course and provides an overview of buildings system design and requirements for open integrated smart buildings. Part 1 provides an overview of the multi-tier approach to building system design and contracting is discussed incl

Planning For Profit Workshop

This is a two-day workshop guaranteed to give you a clearer understanding of what's going on in your business. Workshop locations available around the country.

Hydronic Based Biomass Heating Systems - Light Version

This technically-focused course is for heating professionals who want to design and install state-of-the-art heating systems supplied by high-efficiency / low-emission biomass-fueled boilers.

Manual J Boot Camp Training + Elite Certification

Manual J calculations and accurate heating and cooling loads have always been important, but now building codes and rebate programs are requiring it. There's no need to pay someone else to do this for you - this course teaches you how.

Commercial Solar PV Design

Earn NABCEP Credits and learn to design commercial solar PV systems with ISPQ Master Trainer, Christopher LaForge. This design seminar will cover the Basic Design Issues for commercial Solar Electric systems (Photovoltaic Systems = PV Systems).

Free Lecture: Deep Energy Retrofit Case Study

In this 32-minute video, Marc Rosenbaum walks you through all of the calculations and nitty-gritty details of a residential deep energy retrofit project. He does't pull any punches - it's all here.

Specifying Building Automation Systems

An intermediate level module focusing on system specifications, roles, and responsibilities for building automation systems.

Solar Hot Water Design & Installation Training + NABCEP Entry Level Exam

Earn NABCEP's Entry Level Solar Thermal credential and learn how to design and install solar hot water systems from one of the world's leading teachers - ISPQ Certified Master Trainer, Bob Ramlow. 90% of students who take this course pass the exam.

Free Lecture: Economic Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Microgrids

This 1.5-hour free lecture shows you how to use HOMER software to simulate microgrid performance. A free 30-day trial of HOMER software and a walk-through of several real examples is also included.

Drilling Fluids Management

Master class for industrial drilling companies. Learn to create a world-class drilling fluids plan from start to finish. At the end of the course, you will create a complete plan for planning, maintaining, and disposing of drilling fluids.

Free Lecture: Integrative Design Process

An integrative process consistently produces cost-effective solutions, higher performance, healthier living systems, elegant design, reduced time to market, and is a heck of a lot more fun and less frustrating.

58 Hours NABCEP Solar PV Training - Entry Level Exam Prep + 40 Hours Advanced

All the training required to sit for the NABCEP Solar PV Installer Exam. This training includes both the NABCEP Entry Level Exam Prep and 40 Hours of Advanced NABCEP Training.

IGSHPA Accredited Geothermal Driller Training

Course developed in partnership with National Driller and the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) for drilling professionals.

Advanced Radiant Design

The course has been developed with a designer and a contractor's abilities in mind. This course will be a prerequisite for new incoming members who are attempting to achieve the RPA's ANSI approved radiant designer certification.

Geothermal Designer Boot Camp + LoopLink RLC Certification

Learn by doing. This course was designed for experienced geothermal professionals interested in becoming skilled designers. Includes a 1-year unlimited subscription to LoopLink RLC design software and all assignments are completed on this web-based plat

Passive House in the Real World

Spend four weeks with certified Passive House Consultant Mike Duclos, learning how to apply Passive House principles in the real world. With a brief nod to theory and computation, this course will mainly focus on tips, tricks, pitfalls, and what to expect

Free Lecture: History of Solar Thermal in the United States

This is a fun 40-minute lecture that provides historical context for where solar hot water is today. Bob also shares some insights about which types of customers are the best fit for solar hot water, and some resources to learn more.

Free Lecture: Arc Flash Calculations and Insulation Resistance Testing

In this free lecture, Ryan Mayfield discusses two topics that are critical in the design and installation of large scale commercial installations: DC arc flash and insulation resistance testing.

Free Course: Solar PV Design, Code, Economics, Sales, and Site Visits

The most comprehensive technical free course on solar PV available on the Internet. Learn solar basics, conductor sizing, site visits, array sizing, estimating power production, solar code, solar batteries, and commercial solar design.

Free Lecture: Electrical Loads in High Performance Buildings

This presentation covers the subject of plug load energy-efficiency – the choices occupants make with regard to lighting, appliances, and consumer electronics in the home. You will glean priceless information about how to save hundreds of dollars.

Free Lecture: Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump System Design

Spend two hours with Dr. Charles Remund, author of the IGSHPA Design Manual, learning how to design the ground heat exchanger for a commercial geothermal system. A PDF copy of the presentation is included with the lecture.

Remediation Boot Camp

This is an advanced and comprehensive online remediation course for professionals. REMTEC, the Emerging Contaminants Summit, and Geosyntec's Rula Deeb have developed this course for professionals looking to go beyond traditional conferences and seminars.

Free Lecture: Radiant Cooling and Heating

By now you’ve heard the news! Millions of dollars now going into radiant cooling and heating and thermal comfort research. In this free 1-hour lecture, Robert will take you through the radiant design sequence he has used for 30 years.

Standing Column Well Design Certificate Training

Standing Column Wells have been the heat exchanger of choice in the Northeast U.S. for years, but there's concern about the reliability and environmental impact of these systems. This course uses data to teach proper design of Standing Column Wells.

Free Lecture: The Ins and Outs of Selecting Cold Climate Minisplit Heat Pumps

Learn the latest about heat pumps that can supply heat at temperatures as low as -15°F and how to understand ratings and manufacturers' data so you can confidently select the proper system.

Free Lecture: What Business Are Electric Utilities In?

In this free lecture, Mahesh Bhave argues that the intersection of telecom and electricity industries offers attractive growth options. Realizing the growth possibilities requires the breaking down of traditional industry and jurisdictional boundaries.

Free Lecture: Fundamentals of Green Roof Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Successful green roof projects require knowledge and expertise with respect to both the living and non-living components of these systems. This presentation provides an overview of green roof technologies, their benefits, and essential considerations.

Free Lecture: The Importance of Low-Temperature Distribution Systems

In this lecture, hydronics expert John Siegenthaler explains the importance of low water temperature heat emitters and distribution designs in modern hydronic systems.

Free Lecture: High Performance Building Assemblies

This lecture covers just how heat and moisture can move in building assemblies, how to manage both, and the tools that are available to evaluate or predict hygrothermal performance of building assemblies.

Free Lecture: Cutting Through the Code Confusion for Roofing Professionals

This special lesson from Dr. Jim Hoff of Commercial Roofing Boot Camp cuts through the confusion of modern commercial building codes and provides you with straightforward and understandable approach to code-compliant roofing.

Free Lecture: Building Energy Analytics Case Study

In this lecture, Andy Shapiro will ask and answer questions relative to understanding how well a new, small, well insulated house is performing on energy use and temperature control: What do I want to know about this building (or subsystem)? What dat

Free Lecture: All About Windows

The thoughtful selection and application of windows is crucial in meeting the challenging Passive House Space Heat Demand criteria in cold climates. Learn the anatomy of a window, mechanisms that transfer heat through windows, and window design and applic

Free Lecture: Award-Winning Green Roof and Wall Projects: Design and Implementation

GRHC’s Green Roof and Wall Awards of Excellence acknowledge outstanding achievements in living architecture design and implementation. In recent years, the caliber of award-winning projects has increased dramatically, with previously unimaginable designs

Free Lecture: Battery Capacity - The Basis of Storage

Students who participate in this free lecture will be able to properly define battery capacity, define amp-hours and watt-hours, understand the active elements of a battery and how they affect capacity.

Free Course: High Performance Building and HVAC 101

The largest and most comprehensive free course on high performance residential building and HVAC possible. Learn from top industry experts Marc Rosenbaum, Mike Duclos, Allison Bailes, John Siegenthaler, Robert Bean, Ryan Carda, Bob Ramlow, and Vaughan Woo

Introduction to Zero Net Energy Homes

This thirty minute lecture describes what it takes to build zero net energy homes. It provides builders with an honest look at the benefits, challenges, and economics of zero net energy home projects.

Free Lecture: Commercial Solar Design And 2014 NEC Code Changes

This free course covers 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) changes for commercial solar projects and cost-effective design for large-scale solar systems.

Free Course: Commercial Solar PPAs 101

This is the most in-depth free course on commercial solar finance and microgrids on the internet. You'll learn the basics of community solar, how PPAs work, the key legal structures used to finance projects, the basics of financial modeling.

Free Course: Microgrid Economics and Feasibility

Microgrids are poised to alter the economics and topology of the electricity grid, ultimately transforming the electricity industry as we know it. Microgrids will also soon lead to 100% electrification worldwide, along with cleaner, cheaper electricity.

Free Lecture: Integrating Solar and Hydronic Heating

Optimizing energy storage is critical when using solar technologies to provide heat for residential and small commercial applications. The type of energy storage you select will significantly affect performance, comfort, and system cost. This webinar will

Combo Package: Mastering Hydronic System Design + Integrated HVAC Engineering

John Siegenthaler and Robert Bean are legendary instructors with a deep history of delivering great content. Students who enroll in both of their courses receive a $300 discount. After purchasing the package, you will automatically be enrolled in both cou

Free Lecture: Photovoltaic Project Development Using RETScreen 4

This lecture will introduce the RETScreen 4 software through an example of its use for assessing a proposed photovoltaic project.

Free Lecture: How to Succeed in the Emerging NewSpace Industry

Anyone looking to succeed in the Emerging Space Industry needs to understand how the Commercial Leverage Model (CLM) works. The CLM is used to promote public/private partnerships between NASA and the emerging space industry.

Free Lecture: Understanding and Calculating Building Heat Loss to the Ground

Building heat loss to the ground is not as straightforward as heat loss to the outdoor air. As buildings become increasingly well insulated, understanding ground heat loss becomes more important.

Free Lecture: Passive vs. Conventional Floor Planning

If you don't floor plan properly, you will fail. In this 1-hour live lecture, Mike Duclos, Principal and Founder of DEAP Energy Group, describes how passive floor planning differs from conventional floor planning.

Free Lecture: Temperature Stacking in Thermal Storage for Biomass Heating Systems

This free lecture describes a unique method of managing the operation of biomass-fueled as well as auxiliary boilers for optimum system performance.

Free Lecture: Low Temperature Heat Emitter Options in Hydronic Systems

The future of hydronic heating is low water temperature, which is necessary to optimize the performance of modern heat sources such as condensing boilers, heat pumps, and solar thermal collectors.

Free Lecture: Achieving Hydraulic Separation in Hydronic Systems

Many hydronic systems have two or more circulators that will, at times, operate simultaneously. Without proper hydraulic separation, this could lead to interference between the circulators and unacceptable heat delivery.

Free Course: Integrating ASHRAE HVAC Standards

This free course is a recording of two webinars by Robert Bean on understanding and integrating ASHRAE standards on thermal comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality for HVAC and building design.

Free Course: How to Design and Sell Mod-Con Boilers

A significant change in the North American hydronic heating industry took off and gained altitude in the mid 1990’s. Residential and light-commercial gas-fired boilers started to rapidly evolve from high-temperature, chimney-vented appliances to pressure-

Free Lecture: Mastering the Outdoor Reset Curve

In this free lecture plumbing and hydronics expert Dave Yates explains how to set up a reset curve, tailor it for any application, and present it to your customers in a way that will separate you from your competition.

Free Lecture: Residential Solar Sales Optimization

This short free class is for new solar businesses or existing solar marketing managers and sales people that need to optimize their sales funnels. We'll focus on lead generation, lead generation to sale optimization, and post sale optimization.

Free Course: Installing & Commissioning Real Time Geothermal Monitoring Systems

Real time geothermal monitoring has finally become economical for installers. Real time monitoring significantly reduces risk for property owners and can verify system performance. Take this course to learn how to install and commission the Ground Energy

Free Course: How to Make Money in Renewable Energy

Learn where and how your company can make money selling, designing, and installing renewable enegy products. This is a free, self-paced mini-course with a 1 on 1 call with the instructor at the end of the course.

Free Lecture: 15 Things All Successful Companies Have in Common

Free lecture for contractors who own their business from Grandy & Associates. Includes tips and ideas for improving profitability of the business.

Free Course: A Complete Guide to Geothermal Tax Incentives

Learn how to apply for tax credits for your geothermal projects completed back to 2006. This course is geared toward commercial and institutional applications.

Free Course: Finance 101 for Renewable Energy Professionals

Learn how to understand and communicate the financial benefits of geothermal, solar PV, and solar thermal projects to property owners in order to sell more projects. This is a free, self-paced mini-course.

Free Lecture: Overview of ASHRAE 62.2 and Ventilation Facts

This free lecture addresses the what, why, and how of good ventilation; along with a short history of ups and downs of ventilation rates in the United States. Recent studies have discovered the hazards of some common indoor air pollutants, such as fine pa

Free Lecture: Low Carbon Building

What good is a “Net-Zero” building if just the act of making it dumps a huge load of CO2 into the air? The urgency of climate disruption demands that we reduce impacts now, not slowly over the next 50 years. Here we will look beyond reducing operating ene

Free Lecture: How to Use Solar Leases to Grow your Solar Business

A 5 Part Series for Solar Installers by HeatSpring and BrightGrid Renewable Energy Finance. This is a free, self-paced mini-course intended for business owners in the solar industry.

Free Course: Understanding Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

If you're working in solar on the east coast, you need to understand SRECs to make your projects work. This is a free, self-paced mini-course taught by Sam Rust of SRECtrade.

Basic Duct Principles

This introductory course covers important factors every HVAC technician should know when designing a duct system.

Jumpstart on Drawing Board

Learn how to use Drawing Board, the graphical add-on to Elite Software's RHVAC Manual J residential heat load calculation software.

Tabular Manual D Ductsize

Learn how to use Tabular Manual D Ductsize, the new tool in Elite Software's RHVAC residential load calculation software that allows you to accurately size your entire duct system.

Hit the Load J

In-Depth Training on Elite Software's RHVAC Residential Load Program


An in-depth explanation of CHVAC, Elitesoft's commercial heat load calculation software

Free Course: Heat Pump Control Training for Radiant Heating and Cooling - Sponsored by Tekmar

In this free training you will learn what you need to confidently design an efficient radiant heating and cooling heat pump system using the newest tekmar® heat pump control pairing: the tN2 House Control 406 and the tekmarNet® Thermostat 557.

Free Lecture: GP101: Introduction to GeoPro Products

Learn the appropriate uses and mix recipes for each product, as well as the many advantages our products have over the alternatives.

Free Lecture: GP201: GeoPro Product Handling

This course focuses on proper handling practices to minimize the potential for issues in the field.

Free Course: Reducing the Cost and Improving the Reliability of Solar Thermal Monitoring

In this training you will learn the importance of solar thermal monitoring, how to install and commission the Ohm monitoring system from Sunnovations, how to use the Ohm for services and sales.

Free Lecture: GP301: Quality Assurance & Field Commissioning

Learn how to effectively manage the grouting portion of a geothermal project from design to installation.

Finding Your Venture

Increase your odds of finding and launching a sustainable company by picking the right opportunity. This is an elective course offered in partnership with the University of Michigan's Center for Entrepreneurship.

Free Course: Bard Products - Certified AT&T DC-FCU Installation Class

The new AT&T National Standards requires all new HVAC systems to provide DC Free-Cooling, as well as advanced controls to maximize efficiency and integration of alarms. Because of the advanced nature of the equipment, AT&T is also mandating training to en

CLE Seminar: Structuring & Financing Solar Energy Projects

Continuing legal education opportunity to dive deeply into the financial modeling of solar pv projects. This course is designed for lawyers by Chris Lord, a seasoned attorney with demonstrated success handling mission-critical responsibilities, including

Free Course: 1-Hour Masters Degree in Teaching

Want to be a professional teacher? Go get a degree. Want to be a more effective teacher in the professional world? This is for you! Two years of grad school compressed into 1 hour.

Free Lecture: Life-Centered Design

There’s more to ecological building than doing less harm. You’ll learn the ten things we human organisms crave from our surroundings so that you can create built environments that bring us back into harmony with the rest of nature.

HeatSpring Gift Certificates

A fun and easy way to invest in your colleagues or friends. HeatSpring gift certificates are fully refundable, transferrable, carry no fees, and can be used for any course within two years of purchase.

Free Lecture: GP401: Technical Grouting Considerations

An in depth discussion of the technical grouting considerations including a detailed discussion about grout thermal conductivity and the effect on system performance.

Free Lecture: NASA-Funded Economic Analysis of Establishing a Moon Base

Learn how leveraging commercial space partnerships could provide a 10X cost reduction for sending humans back to the Moon, and allow us to establish a permanent human base on the Moon within NASA’s existing budget.

Free Lecture: Introduction to LEED v4 Resources

In this free lecture Brenda Martens of aedify does a virtual tour of the resources and tools available for LEED v4, including LEED On-line, and the explanation of one of the new materials credits. If you're unfamiliar with this rating system, or what the

Free Lecture: Introduction to Net Zero Water for Buildings and Sites

Through a combination of rainfall harvesting, aggressive conservation, and water recycling, our buildings and sites can achieve self-sufficiency and reduce or eliminate their reliance on municipal water infrastructure. This lecture examines the core conc

Free Lecture: Sustainable Roofing? There's an APP for That!

In this free lecture, Dr. Jim Hoff reviews roofing-related calculator apps available online at no charge and shows you how to use them.

Free Lecture: Multiple Mod-con Boiler Concepts

In this free lecure, Roy Collver examines important details you should know when combining two or more boilers into a single heating plant. He covers applications from large residential, up to bigger commercial and institutional systems.

Free Lecture: Commercial Photovoltaic Design - Integrating Commercial Scale Storage

Learn how commercial scale storage will affect the market for commercial clients, some of the major players that are in the current expanding field and see how small utilities will benefit from this scale of storage added to Commercial PV arrays.

Free Course: SMOC Training