About Us

Our Mission

We are helping to power a cleaner future through education technology. Our goal is to reach one million enrollments and help our instructors change the world.

Our Business

HeatSpring is a marketplace for online courses taught by experts. Our courses cover topics in solar, green building, commercial wind, microgrid, hvac design, geothermal and more. Our platform enables anyone with expertise to build a course and reach tens of thousands of students.

Our History

We were founded in January 2007 as an MBA project at Babson College. Our goal has always been to use entrepreneurship, technology and education to help combat climate change and foster a more sustainable future. To date, we’ve enrolled 38,352 students, one seat at a time, and we are always adding new courses. We currently have offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Portland, Oregon.

In 2009 Businessweek named us some of ‘America’s Top Social Entrepreneurs’ and we’ve been featured in Forbes, Reuters, Renewable Energy World, Climate Progress, and other industry publications.

Expert Instructors

True expertise is valuable, especially in a digital world. Our top experts have reached tens of thousands of students and have collectively made over $2 Million teaching on HeatSpring. If you have expertise, building an online class is an alternative to writing a book or travelling around doing in-person workshops. We use our data about what works and what doesn’t to reduce risk and save time for our instructors.

Amazing Experiences

HeatSpring courses are technical, rigorous, and challenging. Students walk away with tangible skills that can be applied in a professional setting. Our students love our courses and this is reflected in the individual ratings for each courses, represented by our 5 star rating system.

Publishing and Media

We publish technical articles and course reviews in HeatSpring magaine and we also work with many industry affiliates and publishers who share our our mission to grow the industry. We pay our affiliates a generous commission and have developed our own link tracking system for affiliates and instructors to earn money by referring students. Learn more about our affiliate program here.