We are the official NABCEP PVA training partner of the

2023 NABCEP CE Conference!

About HeatSpring

Technical training to address the climate crisis

Sharing Knowledge

Our platform enables knowledge leaders to better reach knowledge seekers. We focus on working with industry experts within solar, green building, energy efficiency and other technologies. Any qualified expert can build a course and reach anyone in the world.

Innovative Platform

Our self-developed online classroom & course-building software has set the standard for online training in the solar and cleantech industries. Thousands of students and instructors alike love our intuitive course experience. Our expert-led courses enable an in depth, highly challenging, technical learning experience for industry professionals.

Over 16 Years of Experience

HeatSpring began in 2006 at Babson College. Our first training was a highly technical professional certification for geothermal heat pump installation held in an empty classroom at Babson. Feedback from our community helped us grow and evolve into the company we are today with many tens of thousands of happy customers worldwide and growing.

Tangible Skills

Students walk away with tangible skills and knowledge that they can apply to their work and use to advance their career. Outstanding student satisfaction is reflected in our average course rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars for all active paid courses on the platform.

Fair Share

Our experts work hard to build and run their courses and have typically worked for decades in the industry. We are proud to have paid out over $5 million in royalties to instructors for sharing their knowledge. We use an entrepreneurial revenue share model and instructors and affiliates earn a fair share of all enrollment fees.

Our Work

The HeatSpring community has an audience of 96,499 professionals. There are currently 235 courses available on the platform and students have completed 1,585,943 assignments from those courses. We care deeply for the industries, experts and professionals we represent and also hold great respect for customer experience, educational quality and operational integrity.

Our Team

Brittany Heller

Brittany "Brit" Heller

Works to increase awareness and access to training. She loves connecting with both students and subject matter experts to help share knowledge with the world. Brit holds two NABCEP certifications - PV Installation Professional (PVIP) and PV Technical Sales (PVTS). She is a budding regenerative farmer outside of Atlanta where she runs a 17-acre permaculture farm. She can be found building soil health, cultivating edible & medicinal plants, caring for her animals or building functional art.

Brian Hayden

Brian Hayden

Works with our instructors, students, and partners to help create new courses and new opportunities for education. Brian loves helping entrepreneurs and companies be more successful and teaches at the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE). He lives with his family in Ann Arbor Michigan and has founded several companies including HeatSpring, ShapeLog, and Redesigning the End.

Duncan Miller

Duncan Miller

Works with our instructors, students, and partners to continuously improve our ability to deliver high quality education. He is the lead Ruby web developer for HeatSpring's education platform and lives in Portland Oregon. Duncan contributes to open source software at Openshiro and he volunteers caring for trees with Friends of Trees as well as Friends of Mt. Tabor.


Experts who are willing and able to share their knowledge are the true core of HeatSpring. Both our platform and business model are built around these experts. We use an entrepreneurial profit share model where earnings are shared fairly with experts in return for their work passing on their knowledge. In many cases these experts have devoted their working lives to crafting and honing their expertise. We love being able to help experts transfer that knowledge to anyone who might be interested to learn. We have also been thrilled to find that there are many eager learners seeking this high quality technical knowledge and willing to embark on the journey of developing their own expertise.