About HeatSpring

Building and powering a cleaner future through education technology

Education Platform

HeatSpring’s education platform offers experts the ability to build online courses. We focus on working with experts within solar, green building and other renewable energy technologies. Any qualified expert can build a course and reach anyone in the world.

Innovative Platform

Our online classroom & course-building software has set the standard for online training in the green building industry. Thousands of students and instructors alike love our simple online interface and course taking experience. Our experts collectively bring centuries of experience and HeatSpring is just a good platform for sharing that information with the world.

Decade of Experience

HeatSpring was born in 2007 at Babson College as an in-person training company for geothermal professionals, read about our story. Feedback from our community has helped us evolve into the technology company we are today, enabling us to reach a worldwide online audience.

For Experts By Experts

A platform for expert instructors to reach tens of thousands of students. Experts with courses on our platform have collectively made over $3 million by teaching their courses on HeatSpring. Building an online course is a way to become known as a thought leader in the industry, while getting paid your fair share for the knowledge you bring.

Tangible Skills

Students walk away with tangible skills and knowledge that they can apply to their work and use to advance their career. Outstanding student satisfaction is reflected in our average course rating of 8.8 out of 10 for all active courses on the platform.

Our Platform

The HeatSpring platform has an audience of 56,000 professionals. There are currently 137 courses available on the platform and students have completed 525,305 assignments from those courses.


heat, noun. Physics

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spring, verb

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