Welcome to HeatSpring

HeatSpring is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was founded in January 2007. We sell premium online courses taught by industry experts in topics like solar, green building, hvac design, geothermal and more. To date, we’ve sold 36,877 course registrations, one seat at a time, and we are always developing new courses.

In 2009 Businessweek named us some of ‘America’s Top Social Entrepreneurs’ and we’ve been featured in Forbes, Reuters, Renewable Energy World, Climate Progress, and other industry publications. Our 100-year plan calls for building strong relationships that last, treating our experts like clients, and working collaboratively across industries and technologies to build courses that go deeper than ever before within valuable niche industries.

Taught by Experts

True expertise is valuable, especially in a digital world. We help experts build digital assets with a high return on investment. Building an online class is an alternative, or complement, to writing a book or travelling around doing in-person workshops. We use our data about what works and what doesn’t to reduce risk and save time for our experts.

Continuing Education

HeatSpring courses are technical, rigorous, and challenging. You’ll walk away with tangible skills that can be applied in a professional setting. Our online courses offer continuing education credits for AIA, LEED, NABCEP, BPI, and more.

Partner Organizations

Our partners help to provide an environment where experts can flourish. Together we build and promote courses that are on-mission and complement other programs and initiatives.