BPI Building Science Principles (BSP) Certificate launches in two weeks

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HeatSpring API

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Access your team training data with our straightforward REST API

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With the HeatSpring API, accessing and extracting crucial data about your employee learning has never been easier. Whether you're overseeing a small team or managing a large workforce, our API empowers you with seamless access to your training data.

The HeatSpring API allows you to pull data into your existing systems, including:

  • Course Enrollments

    When a course was started and finished

  • Learning Progress

    What percentage of the course is complete

  • Certificates

    Certificates of completion & CEUs

Illustration the affiliate process

Here’s what to do

  1. 1

    Join Heatspring

    Create - or log into - your team account on HeatSpring Every team has access to the HeatSpring API.

  2. 2

    Generate Unique Token

    This is available from your settings

  3. 3

    Use provided endpoints

    Our documentation is the best place to get started but we provide you some code samples to get started.

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