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How to use the course discussion board

All HeatSpring courses have discussion boards with a series of discussion topics. Each week or module in the course has its own discussion topic where students can discuss the assignments or topics covered that week.

This article will cover the basics of posting messages and replying to existing messages. For more advanced topics on the discussion board, please see these related support articles:

There are two ways to access the discussion topics:

  1. Click the blue 'Discussion Board' button at the top of your course. This will take you to the list of discussion topics; you can then click on any discussion topic to view the discussion.
  2. Click on any assignment in your course, then click the 'View Discussion Topic' link. This will take you to the corresponding discussion topic.

Once you have accessed a discussion topic, you can then post a new message by writing in the text box at the top of the screen and clicking the blue 'Submit' button.

Once your post has been published, you can edit your post by clicking the blue 'edit' link that appears below the post.

You can also reply to posts made by other students by clicking the blue 'reply' link then typing your message in the text box that appears below their post.