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How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

If you'd like to join the affiliate program, let us know and we will set up an account for you and send over all the details.

The quick summary of how it all works is that HeatSpring creates special tracking links for each affiliate that can be used to promote the courses. Then when anyone clicks one of those links, the affiliate earns a 20% commission (after credit card fees) on any course(s) purchased within a year of last clicking a tracking link. The affiliate receives an email each time they earn a commission and affiliates can also track earnings and analytics on the account dashboard. We pay out earnings quarterly and will provide a detailed statement with each payment.

Here are the key steps:

  1. Join the HeatSpring affilate program
  2. Look through our course catalog and find courses that align with your community’s interests, goals, and needs.
  3. Share courses with your network and community via email, web ads & social channels using special tracking links generated from our in-house affiliate platform.
  4. Earn a commission whenever someone clicks on your special tracking link and purchases any course within 365 days (even if it’s a different course than the one you promoted). We offer very competitive commission rates!
  5. Get paid your affiliate commissions quarterly via direct deposit through our ePayment system.

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