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Can I get my BPI CEUs through HeatSpring? Is HeatSpring a BPI Testing Center?

HeatSpring can help you get BPI Certified. HeatSpring is a BPI Continuing Education provider and we offer exam prep courses for many BPI credentials. You can check out the different certifications and courses here.

A long, long time ago HeatSpring was a BPI Testing Center, but today we are not a BPI Testing Center. Instead, we have partnered with HVAC U, which is a testing center we know and trust. When you pursue BPI Certification through HeatSpring, you'll take your test with Brynn's team at HVAC U.

HeatSpring is a BPI Contiunuing Education provider. Some HeatSpring courses are pre-approved for BPI CEUs. To receive credit for pre-approved courses you'll need to submit your BPI attendee # so we can log it in the BPI credentialing system. Many other courses can be self-reported by submitting your certificate of completion. When you self-report, we don't need to collect your BPI #.

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