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How often do instructors check in on courses?

We offer two main types of courses at HeatSpring and they both have different levels of instructor interaction.

All HeatSpring courses are contiuously updated by the expert instructor as needed. After enrolling students can access future updates to the course as well. After your year of access to the course expires, you can optionally join as a HeatSpring member to extend your access and continue to receive updated content from the expert.

Premium Courses

Our premium courses are created and led by expert instructors. In these courses, instructors utilize discussion boards to interact with students. Instructors are active in their courses during the scheduled session dates, or upon enrollment for our rolling admissions courses. It varies by instructor and by course but typically instructors check in between daily and weekly to check quiz results or project work, review and respond to discussion board questions and read survey responses.

Short Courses

Short courses are built by expert instructors and are intended to be self-serve for students. Instructors are involved to update content and review surveys, but generally do not interact with students. Short courses are typically free or low cost.