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How to Complete your NABCEP PV Associate Application on Certemy and Schedule your Exam

First make sure you have followed all the steps to submit your NABCEP PV Associate Application.

Accept Certemy Account Invitation and Complete the Exam Registration

Once you submit your application to HeatSpring and recieve confirmation that the application was accepted, you will receive a welcome email titled "Welcome to Certemy" from the email address "support@nabcep.certemy.email" to the email address on the application form. You may need to check your junk/spam box or add this email address to your contacts or safe sender list. The email will look something like this:

Click on the "Complete Registration" button to set up a password for your account and accept the terms and conditions then log into the account. Once you are logged in click the "My Testing" tab at the top of the page and then complete the "Exam Registration" step. You will just need to check the checkbox that says "please confirm your authorization to register for examination" and click the submit button. No additional payment is required at this step. For more information you can view this Certemy support video about the My Testing page.

Schedule Your Exam with Meazure Learning

Once you set up your Certemy account and complete the exam registration step, you will then receive another email from Meazure Learning (formerly Scantron) called a "Notice to Schedule" to schedule your exam date. The email will come from the email address "candidatsupport@meazurelearning.com", please make sure you check junk/spam for this email or add this email address to your contacts or safe sender list. You will be able to schedule your exam via Live Online Proctoring from your own computer at home or at any Meazure Learning Testing Center near to you. For Meazure Learning support, please call (855) 772-8678 or visit https://www.meazurelearning.com/contact-us

Remember your Certemy Login Information

You will be using this Certemy account to manage your testing as well as your credential moving forward for recertification and also manage additional NABCEP credentials in the future if you sit for more exams. Visit https://nabcep.certemy.com and log in with this account information to check on the status of your exam or credentials and renew your credentials in the future. If you have any issues you can visit the Certemy user guide page.

Haven't Received a Welcome Email from Certemy?

If you are unable to find welcome email inviting you to set up a Certemy account let us know at support@heatspring.com and we can manually activate the account for you. Once your account has been manually activated you can use the reset password function here to set a password https://nabcep.certemy.com and log into the Certemy account.

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