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How to sit for the NABCEP PV Associate Exam

HeatSpring is a Registered NABCEP PV Associate Provider. We specialize in preparing students for the NABCEP PV Associate exam and our 92% student success rate shows how effective our courses are in helping our students to pass NABCEP Credential exams and NABCEP Certification exams. Learn more about our NABCEP PV Associate Exam course.

1) Complete this course, sign the honor code and request a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

2) Download the Candidate Eligibility Form and fill it out by typing into the PDF then save it to your computer. You can choose to take your exam at a Scantron Testing center OR at home on your own computer with Live Online Proctoring (if you computer meets the technical requirements). NABCEP has not yet updated the form, so for either option just check the "CBT with Scantron" box when you're filling out the form. When NABCEP contacts you to schedule the exam, you can then pick how you want to take the exam. When the form asks for a signature, you can either just type in your name or print the form and sign it.

3) Visit the assignment titled "Submit Your NABCEP PV Associate Application and Schedule Your Exam" to complete the online application, upload your saved pdf Candidate Eligibility Form, and pay the exam fee.

4) Once Step 3 is complete, HeatSpring will receive your application and register you in the NABCEP system.

5) You'll receive an email with instructions for setting up your account in Certemy to complete your application and manage your NABCEP credentials. Once you complete the setup process in Certemy you will receive another email for scheduling your exam via Live Online Proctoring from your own computer at home or at any Meazure Learning Testing Center near to you.

Need Help Scheduling Your Exam?

If you have completed all of the steps but have not received an email to schedule your exam or set up your Certemy account, please follow this guide: How to Complete Your NABCEP PV Associate Application on Certemy and Schedule Your Exam

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