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Do I have to pay for the class up front, or can I pay in installments?

We ask for full payment at the time of enrollment. After fifteen years in the business we've learned it's the cleanest and simplest way to do it. If the investment isn't possible at this time we understand and encourage you to explore our massive catalog of free courses and articles.

If the course you want to take is within reach financially, but you need to pay in installments, we can also provide some financing and payment plan options through PayPal Credit. If approved you can enroll in the class with no upfront fee and then choose to either pay PayPal in 4 installments, or pay over the next 6 months at whatever frequency you want. As long as you pay it all within 6 months there is no interest charged.

Here's the link to start that process:

If the course you want to take is out of reach financially you can also apply for financial aid using this link:

Financial aid applications are reviewed weekly so you'll receive a response pretty quickly. Heads up that we don't approve requests for full tuition.