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Do I have to pay for the class up front, or can I pay in installments?

If you prefer to pay in installments, we provide financing and payment plan options at checkout. Just click the "take this course" button for the course you would like to enroll in and instead of using the credit card option, choose the "Klarna" option for installment payment plans with a simple account setup and instant approval. Once approved you will be redirected back to the checkout session and enrolled in the course.


Klarna gives customers a range of payment options during checkout. Available payment options vary depending on the customer’s billing address and the transaction amount. In the US, Klarna offers a 4-payment plan as well as a longer term financing option. Klarna is available in the United States and Canada and also in a growing list of other countries.

If the course you want to take is out of reach financially you can also apply for financial aid using this link:

Financial aid applications are reviewed weekly so you'll receive a response pretty quickly. Heads up that we don't approve requests for full tuition.

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