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How to view student progress and run analytics reports

There are several ways to check in on student progress in your course. To begin make sure you are logged into your account with admin privilages at https://heatspring.com/account then click "admin home" from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of the page under your name. Then click on the "classroom" button for one of your courses.

Classmates Tab

The simplest way to view student progress is to click on the "classmates" tab once you are in the classroom. You will see a list of all of the students in the course an a total number of "points" or completed assignments for each student. Next to the points you can click the "view detail" link to view a full list of all of the assignments in the course, with the assignments completed by the student in green and incomple in red.

Analytics Tab

For more details there are also two reports available from the classroom view, just click the blue "analytics" tab to see links to the Enrollment Report and the Analtyics Report. To run either report just click the link, then on the next page click the "generate report" button. The report will be generated and emailed to you shortly. The fields shown for each report are listed below and include information for all confirmed students in the class.

Enrollment Report (.csv)

Analytics Report (.xls)

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