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What are good materials for supporting assignments?

In our definition, every item in a course is labeled an "assignment." A supporting assignment can be very simple. It should function as a complement to the lecture video. Many instructors simply create a PDF version of their presentation slides and upload that as an assignment. Students like being able to download the full slides, and some print them to take notes.

Other ideas for supporting assignments include a spreadsheet calculator, white paper, related article from the Internet, or automated quiz.

There are 6 types of assignments available on HeatSpring:

1) Video - If you choose this option, you’ll upload a video from your computer (ideally in .mp4 format). Video segments should be no longer than 20 minutes long; 10-15 minutes is ideal. These are creating using a screen capture program like Camtasia.

2) Text - If you choose this option, whatever you type into the Description field will be the assignment. This is meant for assignments like a prompt for students to post on the discussion board or instructions for a homework project.

3) Download - If you choose this option, you’ll upload a file from your computer (like an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF) that students will download and read or use. You can add instructions or explanation in the Description field.

4) Resource - If you choose this option, you simply paste a URL (i.e. link to a website) into the box that is provided. Students will see the link and also a preview of the page that is linked to (if the site allows this).

5) Quiz - If you choose this option, you’ll create a quiz and then select it from the list that appears. Students will click the assignment and automatically be taken to the quiz, which will be graded by the system.

5) Student Upload - This option lets you collect student files. You can use it to collect a homework assignment, a final project, or anything else. Each student file upload will have a private discussion thread where the student and instructor can discuss the file privately. Uploaded files are only accessible to the instructor, and not visible to other students in the class.

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