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How do I upload my first video assignment?

To upload a video assignment follow these steps, as always you can reach out if you need any help with any of these steps:

  1. You can use any screen capture / editing software, just look for an option to export a .mp4 version of the video.
  2. Log into your account at, then along top menu in the upper right hand corner under your name choose "Instructor Dashboard".
  3. Along the left menu select 'Courses' to see all your courses.
  4. Click into the title of the course.
  5. Click "+ New Assignment" in the module where you'd like to add the video
  6. Enter a title and optional description, then choose the assignment type of "Video".
  7. It will then ask you to select a file (a), you'll select the local .mp4 file (b) you created in the first step. Once it is 100% uploaded (c) click 'Create Assignment' (d).

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