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Which screen recording software is best for creating videos?

Starting in 2023, we started using Descript. It's kind of like magic - you can edit videos just like a Word document. There's a free version where you can try it out, and the paid version isn't super expensive.

Honestly though, you can record videos using anything you like. Powerpoint, Google Slides, Quicktime, your iPhone. Recording is the easy part and you shouldn't overthink it. Editing is the bigger challenge.

Previously we encouraged all of our instructors to use Camtasia screen recording software to create lecture videos. It's still a good option. Typically instructors create videos by recording their screen and microphone with Camtasia while delivering a slideshow lecture. The people over at Camtasia have a great product and have excellent support resources available for both Mac and PC. They also provide great email and phone support and will even hand-hold you through your first video recording if you contact tech support.

We recommend that all instructors use Camtasia regardless of experience. It is available for both Mac and PC and cost $249 but comes with a 30-day free trial, so you can create your first few videos for free.


Mac Only: QuickTime Version 10.x (Version 10 or higher. May not be available for older Macs). This is free as long as you have this version or higher. Upgrading, if necessary typically costs around $30. QuickTime has a very simple process for creating screen recordings, but it does not have the editing capabilities that Camtasia offers. You also loose out on Camtasia's fantastic support, so please only choose this path if you are comfortable googling for tech answers.

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