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Which screen recording software is best for creating videos?


Product Price Features Demo video
Descript Free (1 hr of video editing), $12 monthly (10 hrs of video editing), $24 monthly (30 hr of video editing) for Mac/PC A new approach to video editing where you edit the transcript video. You can simply cut out sentences like your editing a text document. You can import videos you have created from PowerPoint or Snagit for editing. You can also screen record directly in Descript. There is a slight learning curve to the interface, but editing is much faster. It offers more advanced AI tools for voice overs and edit, but the out of the box editing features are very powerful.  
SnagIt $40 annual subscription for Mac/PC Screen capture (stills) and screen recording (video) tool.  It allows you the trim start and end point of videos and cut parts out of the middle of a video. It is not a fully featured video editor but is great at quick edits.  It can also convert short clips into loop GIFs if need. The real super power of SnagIt is the markup tools for images.  It has all the standard arrows and callouts with text, it also has a great stamping tool where you want to label an image with either numbers or letters.   
Camtasia $180 billed annually for Mac/PC This is a fully featured video editor and screen capture tool combined into one.  When recording your screen from inside Camtasia it will capture mouse clicks and keyboard interaction.  When this recording is on the  timeline in Camtasia you can automatically pan the video to the cursor to focus on a specfiic area or show the keys that are entered.  Particularly helpful for creating tutorials on software.   



~$10 monthly through Microsoft 360 For those instructors who are building out lectures in PowerPoint you can narrate your instruction on each slide and capture any cursor highlights or animations you have during presentation mode.  Then each of these audio tracks and animations are saved as timings for each slide.  Then you can export the whole presentation as a video.  How to export .mp4 from PPT for Mac  PC  
Google Slides Free For those instructors who are building out lectures in Google Slides you can record your presentation and even include a webcam of you  presenting.  At the time of writing, this feature was available to Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Essentials Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus and Education Plus.  
OBS  (Open Broadcaster Studio) Free. for Mac/PC Primarily used for streamers, this is a powerful open source tool that has a fully featured screen recording function built it.  The learning curve on the UI is steeper and little less user friendly, however their online community is very robust.  Any questions you have would be answered on Youtube.  

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