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Compare: Solar Executive MBA Training VS Financial Modeling for Solar PV Projects

Solar Financial Modeling Courses

Our two most popular courses on solar finance are the Solar Executive MBA Training and Financial Modeling for Solar PV Projects. Both of these courses are taught by finance and legal expert Chris Lord, and the Solar Executive MBA Training is co-taught by solar business expert Keith Cronin.

We get a lot of questions about these courses, and many students want to compare the two. Often students take both of these courses as part of our Solar Finance Professional Certificate program.

First, let's review what both courses have in common:

For both courses:

Next, let's focus on the differences. The content is completely different in both courses, and the financial models used are also different. Other differences include:

Solar Executive MBA Training view detailed outline

Financial Modeling for Solar PV Projects view detailed outline

Solar Finance Professional Certificate view more info

Complete both courses and earn your Solar Finance Masters Series Certificate. If you take both courses, we recommend starting with the Solar Executive MBA Training. Enroll in our series package for additional savings.

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