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Creating quizzes for your course

To create a new quiz log into the admin dashboard and click on the "classroom" button next to your course. Then click the "quizzes" tab at the top of the classroom. You can build new quizzes for your course here. Once the quiz is built, you will then need to go to the classroom and add a new assignment to add the quiz you just built as an assignment.

When creating questions, do not number the questions or answer choices. The system will automatically number the questions (1, 2, 3...) and the answer choices (A, B, C...). That way if you ever make edits in the future or add a new question, the ordering stays accurate.

For basic multiple choice questions we recommend providing four answer choices. Check the checkbox to select the correct answer choice. There can be only one correct answer but if you would like to have several correct answers you could add a choice like "Both A and B above" or "All of the above". For true or false style questions just provide two answer choices, "true" and "false".

Students must earn a passing score on each quiz in order to earn their certificate of completion and must sign our honor code with each attempt. Students are allowed make as many attempts as they want until they earn a passing score. Students also have the option to see the correct answers after they have made one full attempt. If a student leaves a quiz part way through or looses internet connection, they can always resume any quiz attempt where they left off.

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