Support Center HeatSpring for Teams Why does my Team Discount keep changing?

Why does my Team Discount keep changing?

Our system automatically calculates the discount for each seat based on the number of paid seats purchased over the past 12 months. Bundles get counted by the number of courses included in the NABCEP Bundles can count for two or more seats per person. 

Course discounts are tiered as you purchase more course seats: 

  • 3 seats: 20%
  • 4-9 seats: 25%
  • 10-20 seats: 30%
  • 21+ seats: 40%

If you're buying seats for lots of people on your team, your course enrollment might progress from the 20% to the 40% team discount really fast. Everything works as intended, but it may appear confusing.

You can always reach out to us at if you feel like something didn't work right, but hopefully this helps you understand why the team discount changes...sometimes a bunch, in quick succession.

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