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How do I know if I'm on a team and what information is shared?

You can tell if you are on a team by viewing the "My Team" section on your HeatSpring account page. If you are on a team you will see the team dashboard, which includes your team training leader, your team discount rate, other team members, and more. You'll also receive an email notification anytime your account is added to a new team.

Teams allow companies to qualify for a discount based on team size for any course you take through HeatSpring for Teams.

Team members can always contact HeatSpring at for any reason including:

  • to register for a course
  • to ask questions
  • if you are on a team that you feel you should not be on

Team Training Leaders are provided information and reports about your HeatSpring account when you are added to the team including:

  • Full Name
  • Company (if entered in your profile)
  • Location (if entered in your profile)
  • For Each Course Enrollment in Your Account:
    • Session Start Date
    • Assignments Completed
    • Completion Percentage
    • Quiz Scores
    • Last Visit Date
    • Certificate of Completion

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