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Which course bundles offer NABCEP credit hours for the PV Technical Sales Certification?

NABCEP requires documentation of 58 advanced PV training hours in sit for the PV Technical Sales (PVTS) Certification exam. At least 40 of these hours must come from a NABCEP Accredited Provider (HeatSpring courses qualify). HeatSpring is a NABCEP Registered Provider and our Provider Number is: 0255.

We provide 4 different pathways for earning the 58 hours:

    Codes & Standards Focus
  1. Commercial & Industrial Sales + Energy Storage Focus
  2. PV Associate Pathway 
    • Course Bundle: NABCEP PV Technical Sales (PVTS) Certification Prep: PV Associate Exam Pathway
    • Enables you to sit for the NABCEP PV Associate Exam - You have to take and pass the PV Associate exam for the full 58-hours to count
    • Includes foundations of solar, codes and standards related to solar installations in the National Electrical Code and other relevant standards, and technical sales principles exam prep
  3. Build your own Pathway
    • Courses: PVTS Course Finder
    • Choose any combination of courses which add up to at least 58 "advanced hours for exam"

PVTS Recertification Continuing Education (CEU) Requirements

NABCEP has updated requirements for continuing education hours within specific subcategories in order to maintain your PVTS certification. Visit our NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification detail page to see the latest continuing education requirements, and corresponding courses to maintain your PVTS Certification.

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