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Can I download a video for offline use?

We occasionally get questions from students who would like a way view a long video when they don't have an internet connection. While the video files can not be downloaded directly, there is a workaround that you can try for any HeatSpring video assignment:

  1. Navigate to your main classroom 'assignments' page
  2. Right-click on a video assignment and choose 'open in new tab'
  3. Click 'play' on the video then 'pause', so the video can begin to buffer

Repeat these steps for several videos you want to watch. Then leave your browser open and allow some time for the videos to fully buffer, meaning the source file fully downloads into your browser's temporary files.

Once the video is fully buffered you can disconnect your internet and still watch the videos as long as you don't close the browser tabs, restart your computer or otherwise try to navigate away from the page.

If you keep the browser window open after it has downloaded, it should still play just fine even if you have no internet connection. There is not an easy way to extract the downloaded video or save it to your computer, you can only watch it in that browser window.

This should work on any device with a supported browser, including an iPad or tablet.

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