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Which courses offer NABCEP credit hours for the PV Installation Professional Certification or recertification?

HeatSpring is a NABCEP Registered Provider and our Provider Number is: 0255.

NABCEP Credential 3 Step Tool

There are several types of NABCEP credit hours and several types of NABCEP certifications and credentials. Use our new tool to read more about each of these credentials, as well as to find the hours requirements and courses for any NABCEP credential in 3 simple steps.

PV Installation Professional (PVIP) Certification

For the NABCEP PV Installation Professional (PVIP) Certification, NABCEP requires documentation of 58 Advanced Training Hours in sit for the PVIP exam. At least 40 of these hours must come from a NABCEP Accredited Provider (HeatSpring courses qualify). Our main pathway for students interested in earnings these hours includes either our 58-hour series, or buying one of the individual courses it includes:

*18 Hours for Solar PV Boot Camp + NABCEP PV Associate Exam Prep are only valid if candidate completes the course and earns passing score on the NABCEP PV Associate Exam.

A full list of HeatSpring courses which have Advanced Training hours which towards the 58 hours required to sit for the PVIP exam can be found here.

PVIP Recertification Continuing Education (CEU) Requirements

NABCEP has updated requirements for continuing education hours within specific subcategories in order to maintain your PVIP certification. Visit our NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification detail page to see the latest continuing education requirements, and corresponding courses to maintain your PVIP Certification.

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