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How to copy assignments to other courses

We've added a new feature to help you copy assignments you have created into another free or paid course you teach. Generally courses have unique assignments, but sometimes it makes sense copy an assignment from one course to another. You can either choose to duplicate the assignment (so you have two copies, one in each course) or move the assignment to the new course and remove it from the existing course.

Here is how it works:

Go to any video, download, resource, quiz or text assignment and click the 'edit' button:

At the bottom of the screen you'll see a 'copy this assignment' link:

Click the 'Copy this Assignment' link and you go to a separate page to select a course module from another course where you want to copy the file. You'll only be able to choose courses for which you have 'administrator' permission. If you don't see the course in the menu, let us know and we can add the necessary permissions for you. Then also select the action you'd like to take (duplicate assignment vs move assignment) and click submit.

Important - after copying an assignment please make sure you go to course you copied it to and make sure it looks okay.

More detail on the 'action' options:

Duplicate Assignment: Selecting this option creates an exact copy of your assignment and also copies any associated files (videos, documents etc) that are associated with that assignment. This means you will then have 2 separate copies of this assignment that need to be maintained separately, one in the current course and one in the course you select.

Move Assignment: Selecting this option moves your assignment from the current course, to the course you select. So it will no longer appear in the current course.

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