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Running Reports - Understanding the Affiliate Analytics Report

Once you have been set up with an affiliate account, you can log in at and then choose the "affiliate home" option from the dropdown menu under your name. You will then see a blue "analytics" tab. From here you can run the affiliate analytics report which will be generated and emailed to you. This article will help define some of terms and data included in this report.

General Terms

All user counts shown on the reports are "unique" which means if the same user clicks more than once we only count one unique user. The data shown in the report detail is from each user's last click. We also provide seperate metrics for "unique visitors" and "unique valid people" as defined here:

Unique Visitors

Unique visitors are clicks from unique users identified by their browser, but who do not necessarily have or create a HeatSpring account. The "unique visitors referred" metric shows total clicks happening on the tracking links, mostly by humans but also some by bots. Some users are browsing and don't find what they want. Some people log into their HeatSpring accounts and when they do we tie the affiliate referral to the account.

Unique Valid People

Unique valid people are individuals identified by their HeatSpring account, we refer to them in the system as People, who are still within their 12 months window before their affiliate referral click expires. The "Unique Valid People Referred" metric shows total clicks where the user has been connected to either a new or an existing HeatSpring account. Once we have the affiliate referral tied to the person's account then we are able to show the last click by source data on this report and show where the click originated and track if a conversion occurs.

Column Definitions

In the section of the report under the Unique Valid People last click by source past 12 months heading you'll see several columns. They are defined below:

aff_source column

If you use advanced tracking parameters and the aff_source parameter in your HeatSpring affiliate tracking links, this column will display the results tracked through this parameter. If there is not an aff_source parameter used, we will also save any referral website we receive in the request so you may see websites listed in this column even if you are not used the advanced tracking parameters.

current column

If the person has “last click” listed in the "current" column then they are still a valid referral and your affiliate account will continue to earn commissions on their purchases. If they have “not last” listed, then that person has clicked on some other affiliate’s tracking link (after clicking yours) and is no longer valid. They would need to click another one of your tracking links to become valid again.

conversion column

If the person has "true" listed in the "conversion" column then they have purchased one or more courses under your affiliate account.

earnings column

The amount listed here is the total earnings paid to your affiliate account in commissions for purchased made by this person.

expires column

The date listed here is the date the last click expires from this referral, if they click a new link this date will reset to expire 1 year after the click.

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