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Getting Started with Tracking Links

Once your affilate account has been set up on HeatSpring, there are multiple ways to find your special tracking links. For all options you will first need to be logged into your account at www.heatspring.com/account and your account must be an owner or manager of the affilaite account.

  1. View All Tracking Links
    • Click "Affiliate Home" from the drop down menu under your name in the upper left hand corner
    • Click "Tracking Links" tab
  2. Get a tracking link for any HeatSpring.com page, browse to the page then either:
    • Click "Track This Page" from the menu under your name in the upper left hand corner and copy the url from the browser's address bar.
    • OR - scroll to the very bottom of any HeatSpring page and you should see the affiliate tracking link for that page in the footer
  3. Request a short url from Brian
    • We have the ability to create shortened urls if you plan to have one affiliate url that you use everywhere, just ask Brian to generate it.

Tracking URL Structure

The special tracking link must include the "aff_id" paramenter set in the url. For example:


The parameter is this part after the "?":


Where aff_id is the parameter name and hfxdj8 is the parameter value. The value here is the id for the Affiliate account so that always stays the same on every one of your tracking links and must be included in order for the link to properly work.

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