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Spreading the word about your course

Here are a few marketing tips to help you spread the word about your course and earn more.

Important: Be sure to use your affiliate tracking link from the HeatSpring Affiliate Program when you share the course so you earn your affiliate commission for each sale. You can view your tracking links by logging into your account, hovering your cursor over your name in the upper right corner of the window, and clicking Affiliate Home.

  • Social media: You can post about your course on any social media site you use. This might include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. We highly recommend updating your LinkedIn profile to reflect that you teach with HeatSpring.
  • LinkedIn post: Every time you write a post on LinkedIn, all of your connections receive a notification. The post should describe what the course covers, who the target audience is, and how it will help those people do their jobs better.
  • LinkedIn profile: You should include a description of the course you teach on your LinkedIn profile and include your affiliate tracking link to the course sales page.
  • Blog: If you have a blog, you can write about your course there, and you’re also welcome to publish a related technical article on HeatSpring Magazine.
  • Email list: If you have a list of email subscribers, you can send them an email marketing the course.
  • Personal email: Some instructors do not have a formal email subscription list but have the email addresses of many well-connected people in their industry. If you are in this position, you can send a personal email about your course and blind carbon copy (BCC) a group of your contacts who might know people who would be a good fit for the course.
  • Industry publications: If you have a relationship with an industry publication, you can ask them to post about your course. In some cases, it will make sense for them to become a marketing affiliate for your course (in which case they’ll earn the 20% commission). Here’s an example:
  • Short courses: Many instructors use a short (free or paid) course to generate marketing leads for their full-length courses. If you already have a free or paid short course you can promote that to your list in addition to, or instead of, a higher-priced full-length course. If you want to build a short course, feel free to reach out to us at
  • Reach out to us: Don't hesitate to ask for help formatting an HTML email to your network, proofreading, or developing a piece for HeatSpring Magazine.

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