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Partner branding guidelines and assets


“HeatSpring” is one word, spelled with a capital “H” and “S.” We do not spell it as two words (“Heat Spring”) or with a lower case “S” (Heatspring).


We have a google drive file system for the main logo and emblem in various sizes, file formats and backgrounds. When placing our logo or emblem on a dark background use the white version instead. If you need another version of the logo or emblem please contact us.


Forest green
Hex value: #0D4034

Electric lime
Hex value: #D9FD72

Coral teal
Hex value: #14B99B


We use Gotham and Open Sans as our preferred fonts.

Course Materials

We recommend not branding your course materials either with the HeatSpring brand or your own, learn more about our standards and submitting your course for review.


This is a friendly reminder that these assets are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

Please avoid:

  • Displaying these graphics in a way that implies an endorsement by HeatSpring.
  • Using these graphics as part of your own product, business, or service’s name.
  • Altering or combining these graphics in any way, without permission.

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