Course Administrator
HeatSpring user accounts with admin permissions. This is typically just the instructor, but potentially also an assistant instructor. A user with admin permissions for a course can create/edit/delete assignments and see enrollments for the course.

Students complete assignments to complete a training course.  Assignments can be videos, documents (pdf, excel, etc), website links, or plain text.  Admins and Instructors can add assignments to a course by going to the active page for any event that uses that course.

Courses have a title, a description and assignments. Students enroll in a session of a course and interact on the course discussion board.

Discussion Board
This is where students and instructors go to interact during their course.

A student enrolls in a session of a course.  Courses have many enrollments.

This is where students go to participate in the course (complete assignments, talk on the discussion board etc).  It is also where admins go to add, edit, or delete assignments and modules.  Admins can also respond to discussion board posts here.

Each course can have one or more instructors who teach the course and appear on the sales page.

A course has many modules.  Each module can have a title, a description and many assignments.  Admins can turn on automated module emails, which are sent to the students on a schedule you set.  To edit or preview module emails, go to the active event page and click on the orange 'e' edit button next to the module email.

Students are people too! We prefer the term people to 'users' as it sounds more... personal.  People create accounts on HeatSpring and take courses.  Instructors, students, and admins are all people.

Student Analytics
Each course has a student anlaytics page which helps admins and instructors keep tabs on how students are doing.

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