Support Center HeatSpring for Teams How are team discounts calculated?

How are team discounts calculated?

Teams discounts are calculated by our system each day. HeatSpring users can see their team's discount tier by logging into HeatSpring and navigating to their team dashboard page. Additionally, all HeatSpring course landing pages will reflect the user's team discounted price, if logged in. 

HeatSpring calculates discounts based on the number of paid course enrollments (or seats) by a team accrued during a 12 month trailing timeframe. That means we look at all paid course enrollments from this day last year until today to calculate the current discount tier.

  • 3 seats - 20% off each seat
  • 4-9 seats - 25% off each seat
  • 10-20 seats - 30% off each seat
  • 21+ seats - 40% off each seat

HeatSpring will not retroactively refund discount amounts, but instead apply the discount percentage to each course as they are purchased. 

If you have any questions on team discounts with HeatSpring, please reach out at 


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