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What is Teams Workforce?

Teams Workforce leaders manage an annual training budget of $10k or more. We give you a set of tools to level-up your workforce programming. It's like having elite status on your favorite airline.

When your team spends at least $10k per year on training, your team leaders automatically - at no additional cost - receive a set of benefits (worth $10k+), including:

Teams is a bulk discount program for teams as small as two people. You can set up your own team for free, right now: get started with HeatSpring for Teams.

Teams Workforce is a set of support tools available to team leaders managing an annual training budget of $10k or more. You can unlock these workforce tools by investing in credentials and training for your team

Impact Projects are custom, business-scale training and instructional design packages. No per seat fees. We engage the full HeatSpring network to make your project a success. You can start an impact project by filling out this form; we'll get back to you right away.

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