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Using embedded windows for showing external resources (links) in your course

A link to an external resource or 'resource' for short, is one of the many types of assignments our platform accommodates at HeatSpring. Resource assignments are unique in that they have an embedded window which optionally can be turned off.

Here is how the embed works: You enter the url of a webpage when you create an assignment and choose the resource type. If you then navigate to that assignment as a student would, you'll see an embedded window which displays the webpage from within the course. Its similar to opening a new browser window for that webpage, only its embedded in the page using iframes.

The goal is to create a rich user experience for students and let them view that website content from within their course. They have several links to 'pop-out' that link into its own browser window to view the website by itself. We also publish the website url used in the iframe at the top of every resource assignment.

We recommend having embedded windows and have set that as the default for new resource assignments. However, there are two reasons where it would sense for instructors to turn off the embed window:

  1. The preview is blank or otherwise does not display correctly.
  2. You receive a request to take it down. (This is very unlikely but you can read more about understanding copyright on HeatSpring)

If this is the case and you want to disable the embed window, just edit that assignment and uncheck the checkbox next to 'Embed in Assignment'.

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