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Glenna Wiseman is a solar industry marketing veteran who brings the installer’s point of view to marketing communications. Her solar marketing expertise dates from 2007. For five of those years, she led the marketing initiatives for a California based solar installation firm.

Glenna has worked to build integration companies for more than 10 years, resulting in a holistic and enterprise-level perspective on marketing for solar installers: as a solar marketer, Glenna has worked with solar installation firms on website, client personal development and marketing strategies. As the vice president of marketing for HelioPower, she created the company’s first marketing
department and led it for five years. Prior to HelioPower, she co-founded an integration company in residential construction, called Home Tech Works, where she worked with hundreds of homeowners directly.

Glenna is a recognized writer and speaker within the industry, covering a wide range of topics. Wiseman co-created “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women,” the industry’s first women oriented survey. She has contributed to industry publications and talk show formats, co-hosted the popular SolarChat series and been a featured speaker at Solar Power International and Intersolar North America.

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