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Utility Scale Solar Construction & Project Management

Andy Nyce • Last updated 03/2023

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Course description

An in-depth course focusing on everything you need to know about the development, design, permitting, construction & commissioning of utility scale solar power plants!

By the end of this course - you'll have a detailed understanding of what goes into each of these key steps - and have a working knowledge of many of the major processes and tasks that go into converting empty land into a fully functioning solar power plant.

The course is open to anyone, but is primarily intended for people joining the solar construction industry and want to 'hit the ground running' so that they're set up to be successful from day one.

This course will help you learn more about the big picture of solar construction and project management and how all the parts fit together. The course is also appropriate for professionals with other experience in the solar industry, but who have never been on a construction site. It will help you understand a range of content such as job hazard analyses, what an inverter is and how it works, what an I/C agreement is, what as-builts are, the sequence of construction in a large scale job, what megger testing is... and much, much more!

You'll also have unlimited access to the instructor - Andy Nyce - during the course - with well over 2GW of experience in utility scale solar, this is an unique opportunity to level up and become a part of the fastest growing industry in the world!

Recently updated for relevance in 2023, including new resources on the Inflation Reduction Act!

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Full course outline

Welcome - Orientation Materials

This course is self-paced, so you don’t need to be logged in at any specific time. You can get started immediately after you enroll and the course materials will remain in your account with minimum guaranteed access for 12 months (1 year) after enrollment.

  • Introduction to the Course (17:01 minutes) Preview
  • Introduction to the Course (.pdf)
  • Set up email notifications and your student profile
  • Introduce yourself on the discussion board
Module 1 - Engineering and Procurement

  • Engineering - Basics of Solar (14:27 minutes)
  • Engineering - Basics of Solar - Quiz
  • Engineering - Electrical Flow (07:32 minutes)
  • Engineering - Electrical Flow - Quiz
  • Engineering - Design (12:35 minutes)
  • Engineering - Design - Quiz
  • Design - Additional Resources & Links
  • Procurement - Materials (08:35 minutes)
  • Procurement - Materials - Quiz
  • Materials - Additional Resources and Links
  • Read the Additional Resources and Post a Question on the Discussion Board
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Basics (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Electrical Flow (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Design (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Materials (.pdf)
Module 2 - Development & Owners Engineering

  • Development - Early Stage (10:04 minutes)
  • Development - Basics (08:43 minutes)
  • A Guide for Developers and Investors (.pdf)
  • Development - Pre-Execution (07:56 minutes)
  • How the Inflation Reduction Act will Supercharge Solar in the US
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Early Stage (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Development (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Pre-Execution (.pdf)
Module 3 - Construction

  • Construction - Basics (20:24 minutes)
  • Construction - Basics - Quiz
  • Safety Practices
  • Journey to Safety Excellence
  • Construction - Mechanical (10:06 minutes)
  • Construction - Mechanical - Quiz
  • Mechanical - Additional Resources - Sunfolding
  • Erthos - Solar, Simplified
  • Construction - Electrical (06:47 minutes)
  • Construction - Electrical - Quiz
  • Construction - Tools & Equipment (03:36 minutes)
  • Construction - Tools & Equipment - Quiz
  • Construction - Quality (10:54 minutes)
  • Construction - Quality - Quiz
  • Quality - Additional Links and Resources
  • Construction - Field Engineering (04:09 minutes)
  • Construction - Field Engineering - Quiz
  • Assignment - Racking Systems Analysis Template (.docx)
  • Assignment - Racking Systems Analysis
  • Optional - Job Hazard Analysis (.doc)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Basics (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Mechanical (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Electrical (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Tools & Equipment (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Quality (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video - Field Engineering (.pdf)
  • Pre-Construction Checklist (.xlsx)
Module 4 - Commissioning, Testing & Next Steps

  • Commissioning & Testing (12:42 minutes)
  • Commissioning - Quiz
  • Expanding Your Opportunities (11:23 minutes)
  • Additional Resources (youtube webinar)
  • Additional Resource (PVTech Article) (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video (Expanding your Opportunities) (.pdf)
  • Optional - Download the slides for the next video (Commissioning) (.pdf)
Conclusion - Feedback and Additional Resources

This is our last module but you still have access to the all of course materials for 12 months (1 year), so keep working and you'll be able to complete the course at your own pace. After your year of access expires you can optionally extend access with a HeatSpring Membership. Enjoy the course and keep in touch!

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Andy Nyce

Sr. Director of Project Management, Erthos Inc.

I'm Andy Nyce - originally from New Zealand, but I've spent the last nine years in the United States in a range of engineering, construction, project management and quality control roles in the large scale renewables industry. I've been directly involved in over 1.5GW of execution at every level of installation, management and commissioning. I'm currently the Director... Learn more


119 reviews

276 students have taken this course

by Bethel G 08/21/2023

by Stephanie Davis 08/01/2023

As a new analyst in the solar field, this course helped to provide me with the basics plus a deeper understanding of the processes and functions of solar. I would recommend it to anyone who has limited knowledge of the field!

by Edward Maunder 04/30/2023

As somebody with no experience in the solar industry I found this course very easy to understand and learn from, it offered fantastic breakdowns of every step on solar construction while providing strong technical details that were easy to understand.

by Leslie Derramona 08/10/2022

After taking this course I realized the potential the solar industry had and have an increased desire to learn more. This course was well put together and is a great way to get knowledge in the solar industry.

by Joshua Dean, Program Manager, Sunfolding 02/28/2022

Overall great information, recommend this course to anyone who gets involved in utility scale projects.

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