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Commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities represent a huge untapped market for the solar industry. This includes schools, hospitals, shopping malls, factories, warehouses and many other types of commercial buildings. Rooftop solar (also called behind-the-meter solar) can reduce a facility owner’s power bill by 50 to 75%. So why doesn’t everyone have a solar power plant on their roof? Hopefully someday soon everyone will!

In this course, we will explore C&I solar from the perspective of the facility owner, the solar professional (installer, EPC, developer), and the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction).

We answer some of the key design and economic questions:

  • What types of facilities are best suited to rooftop solar?
  • What are the costs and benefits of going solar?
  • Roof vs. ground mount considerations?
  • How do available space, roof condition, the cost of power, and net metering rules factor in?
  • How do you properly size a solar PV system to offset 100% of the building load?
  • What are some equipment options in terms of modules, racking and inverters?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities in key markets across the US?
  • What role do incentives and legislation play?
  • What are the fire safety and worker safety considerations?

We conclude with some case studies, including manufacturing and logistics, schools, healthcare and retail industries. Join us for this comprehensive course to effectively sell and install solar for C&I clients!

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Course outline

10 modules • 27 assignments • 5:25 hours of video lectures

Welcome • 2 assignments
Orientation Materials

This course is self-paced, so you don’t need to be logged in at any specific time. You can get started immediately after you enroll and the course materials will remain in your account with minimum guaranteed access for 12 months (1 year) after enrollment.

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Module 1 • 2 assignments
Considerations for the Facility Owner and Operator

  • Considerations for the facility owner and operator (20:00 minutes) Preview
  • PDF Module 1 Slides - Considerations for the Facility Owner (.pdf)
Module 2 • 2 assignments
Site Assessment

In this section, we discuss what makes a building good for solar?

  • Site Assessment - what makes a building good or bad for solar? (42:12 minutes)
  • PDF Slides - Site Assessment – what makes a building good (or bad) for solar? (.pdf)
Module 3 • 2 assignments
The Site Visit

  • The Site Visit - a deep dive into the facility, infrastructure, roof space/access/condition, roof vs ground etc. (25:53 minutes)
  • PDF Slides - The Site Visit - Module 3 (.pdf)
Module 4 • 3 assignments
Initial Design & Permitting

  • Initial Design (sizing, layout) and Permitting - the 'meat' of a solar project (35:05 minutes)
  • Site assessment, initial design and sizing
  • PDF Slides - Design, Sizing and Permitting (Module 4) (.pdf)
Module 5 • 2 assignments
Interconnection to the Grid (Behind-the-Meter)

  • Interconnection to the Grid (16:34 minutes)
  • Interconnection to the Grid (.pdf)
Module 6 • 2 assignments
Financial Modeling

  • Financial Modeling (38:54 minutes)
  • PDF Slides - Financial Modeling (.pdf)
Module 7 • 2 assignments
Presenting the Opportunity to Decision Makers

  • Presenting the Opportunity to Decision Makers (37:01 minutes)
  • Presenting the Opportunity to Decision Makers (.pdf)
Module 8 • 2 assignments
Answering Common Questions from Decision Makers

  • Answering Common Questions from Decision Makers (42:50 minutes)
  • PDF Slides - Answering Common Questions from Decision Makers (.pdf)
Module 9 • 2 assignments
Case Studies

  • Case Studies - (41:45 minutes)
  • PDF Slides - Case Studies - sales in real life (.pdf)
Module 10 • 2 assignments
Other Considerations

  • Other Considerations (25:18 minutes)
  • PDF Slides - Other Considerations - Module 10 (.pdf)
Conclusion • 4 assignments
Feedback and Additional Resources

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NABCEP Registered Provider

This course counts towards the training requirements for taking NABCEP professional certification exams and CEUs for renewing all certifications.


  • Timothy Montague

    President, Clean Power Consulting Group
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    Tim Montague, M.S. is a solar project developer and consultant working on C&I and community solar and storage across the US. He is the president of the Clean Power Consulting Group which is a mission driven solar company helping to speed the energy transition. He holds the NABCEP PV Technical Sales certification and has originated and developed over 50 MW of solar... Learn more

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How does this course work?
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Based on 26 reviews
students have taken this course

If you hoping to gain an understanding of what it means to have a PVTS certification, this course will guide streamlines the complex and advance into easier to understand information. This teaches you not how to sell, but how to consult and work with your customers, which is far more valuable.

Douglas Lomont
Business Development, HSI Solar, LLC

If you are new or plan on doing commercial solar, Tim's class is a must. It has me motivated because I actually have a starting point along with information on how to go about it next. I can tell he is full of knowledge and an excellent resource when it comes to commercial solar questions. I hope anyone who takes this course gets as much out of it as I have. I will most definitely be recommending this course.

Jacob Lopez
Sales, West Texas Solar

Any student interested in pursuing Commercial Solar Sales, this would be one of the courses I would recommend hands down Thanks Construction Group

Rashaad El

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