Free Course: How to Use Solar Leases to Grow your Solar Business


Length: 7 modules

Instructor: Chris Williams

Partner: High Performance Building Institute

Subjects: Energy Finance, Free Courses


Solar Leasing is becoming the norm in the solar industry. If you're selling solar PV projects to residential or light commercial projects and want to maintain competitive, you must offer a lease. "How to Use Solar Leases to Grow Your Solar Business" is a 5 part series created by BrightGrid Renewable Energy Fiance and HeatSpring for contrators to teach them some basics about how offering a solar lease can help grow their business. This course is SELF-PACED, so you don't have to be logged in at any specific time. Instructors will answer questions via discussion board during the specified course dates, but you'll have access to all of the course materials for an additional 120 days. NOTE: BrightGrid no longer offers solar leasing products. We continue to offer the course to provide a basic understanding of solar leasing, but you should know that offering solar leases through BrightGrid is no longer an option.
Improve Sales

Understanding how to explain financing options is the most important skill for solar salespeople.

Increase Your Value

The ability to bring financing knowledge to the table helps you stand out.

Get The Customer Perspective

Learn how customers think about financing from people who do this every day.

Real-Life Interviews

Interviews are conversational, easy to follow, and full of great information.

Self-Paced Online Course

This course is self-paced and entirely online. The lecture videos and other materials are available any time, and the instructor responds to student questions through a discussion board. In order to participate, you will need an Internet connection and an up-to-date web browser.

Ayuda En Español (Help in Spanish)

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Your Instructor


Chris Williams


Chris Williams works with HeatSpring developing products and managing online content. Chris is a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer and an IGSHPA Accredited Geothermal Installer. He has installed over 300kW of solar PV systems, tens of residential and commercial solar hot water systems and 50 tons of geothermal equipment. Chris is the Chairman of the Government...[more]

Course Outline

WELCOME - Orientation Materials

This is a free course. We take pride in our free courses, but keep in mind that this is only a taste of what we do in a full HeatSpring course. For this course you can use the discussion board to interact with other students and ask questions. You will have access to all of the online materials for a full year. Contact Tom McCormack, your Student Advocate, if you have questions. Please review the orientation materials and introduce yourself on the discussion board.

Part 1 - Should Your Business offer a Solar Lease?

In this 30-minute discussion, learn if your business should offer a solar lease, what will make you successful when offering a solar lease, if offering a lease will impact your margins and profits, and if new solar companies should offer a lease or focus on cash customers. This course is SELF-PACED, so you don't have to be logged in at any specific time. Instructors will answer questions via the discussion board during the specified course dates, but you'll have access to all of the course materials for an additional 120 days.

Part 2 - How does a Lease Work and How Do you Sell its Value?

Learn the basics of how a lease works, and why it's structure makes it attractive to homeowners.

Part 3 - How do you Handle Customers Tough Questions About Solar Leases?

Learn the top 3 most difficult questions customers ask about lease and how to answer them.

Part 4 - What should your Business Consider when Selecting a Solar Manufacturing Partner?

Understand the 4 most critical things every installer should receive from their manufacturing partner and why these items are critical to business success.

Part 5 - Who is a Lease Customer and How Are They Different From Cash Customers?

Learn the top 3 characteristics of lease customers, how to spot good leasing customers and how your sales processes will be different if you're targeting lease, rather then cash customers.

AFTER THE COURSE - Resources and Tools for Continued Success

Today is the last day of your Free Solar Lease Course. We hope it gave you what you came looking for, but we know you'll never remember everything you learn. We'd like to provide the resources you'll need on an ongoing basis - stay in touch and use these things as a lifeline when you need them.

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