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by Krishnan K 06/22/2016

easy to understand

by James Manabat 06/09/2016


by Abdallah Yazory, Engineer, MASE 05/20/2016


by Elisha BABALOLA, Managing Consultant/ C.E., Electro-Clues Ltd., Abuja, F.C.T., Nigeria 05/08/2016

For those interested in the details of the dynamics of battery performance

by Raghunadha Vadlamudi, Country Head, Bahrain Solar Industry Association 05/06/2016

Great elaboration of the topic





by Ronald Hisel, Senior Director Of Operations, Posigen Solar Support 04/05/2016

very informative, well thought out and practical.

by Greg Wallace 03/24/2016

Really enjoyed this presentation. Charismatic and energetic instructor with a good sense of how online learning works!

by Ali Kaiser, Solar Project Engineer, Origin Energy 03/20/2016

This is a must-take course for those looking to build a career in battery systems esp. for PV. I would like to take the instructor's detailed course as soon as I can afford it!

by manoj kumar 03/18/2016


by Jothi Prasath 03/18/2016


by Bounthavy Sopha, Systems Analyst 03/14/2016

Excellent lecture for Basic Battery technology and storage

by Jon Burman 03/14/2016

The course was very well put together and the way the material was presented was made it very conducive to fitting into a busy schedule

by DEVAPPA CHOUHAN, mtech in power electronics 03/12/2016

overall good

by SUMEET SINGH, Fresher, M.Tech (Power Electronics) 03/10/2016

Superb way of learning. Cheers to whole team of HeatSpring and keep it up..!!

by Jeffrey Delgado 03/05/2016

Everybody is encouraged to take this course.

by lanre Ayorinde, technologies Evangelist, Abuma global technologies 02/27/2016

Nice course, It will be a blessing of a lifetime for any Solar / battery student to listen to Chris Laforge teach. He display a very good understanding of the subject matter

by Jose Chacon, Mechanical Engineer 02/24/2016

It is a great course for beginners and is ideal to form a solid foundation on this subject

by reem almasri 02/17/2016

great and pretty simple .. thank you

by Glen Pommer, Owner, NBC Energy Matters 02/15/2016

An excellent introduction into battery basics and the factors to consider for renewable energy systems.

by Hari kishan reddy, STUDENT, GITAM UNIVERSITY 02/14/2016

Yes,This course is superb.

by Mark Rezendes, Student, BCC 02/12/2016

no thanks

by zafaruddin Stanikzai 02/11/2016


by James Culwell, President, Metrocell 02/09/2016


by Tony Leavitt, Budding PV Entrepreneur, TBD 01/28/2016

Solid delivery of relevant course content by recognized industry professional. Thanks Chris for you valued knowledge sharing and professionalism.

by Gordon Israelson, P.E., Yoked Corporation 01/26/2016

This free course is worth the time spent.

by Sanna Rosario Antonio, CEO, Phuket Solar co.,ltd 01/26/2016


by Mohamed Aly 12/26/2015

To good to be true

by Casey Jones 10/24/2015


by Christopher Lee, Project manager, ReVision Energy 10/18/2015

This course is a quick and interesting segue into the ever growing world of battery storage. Chris's course is deliberate and concise. While primarily covering flooded lead acid batteries, the themes are similar throughout the current industry. Overall a great investment of time. Thanks!

by abrar javed 10/10/2015

This course is very useful for storage & backup power supply system. it is worth for every body working in the backup power supply field.

by Stephen Kane 10/02/2015

A great foundation class for learning about batteries in our RE systems. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Chris!

by ramya sudhakar 09/21/2015

yes i enjoyed

by Mohammed Hussaini, CEO/MD, Copious Energy 08/28/2015

Well strongly recommend it to all those with limited understanding in battery basics...

by Robert Tillett, Head Engineer, UBL 08/11/2015

it was a good course

by Henry Garcia, Renewable Energy Consultant, MH ENERGY SRL 07/26/2015

I found this batterie course very useful specially for those who are not familiar with these issues

by Morgan M 09/23/2023

by Andrew R 09/22/2023

by Sean C 09/21/2023

by Alex A 09/20/2023

by Seth V 09/19/2023

by Courtney C 09/15/2023

by Edgardo Jr. B 09/14/2023

by Susan C 09/13/2023

by Adwoa Agyeiwaa A 09/12/2023

by David V 09/11/2023

by Luis G 09/11/2023

by Jesus Dennis C 09/06/2023

by Aldo G 08/29/2023

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