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by Scott Shadrick 10/06/2019

This is a very good start to learning to use batteries for household power storage and backup.

by Venkat R 10/01/2019

by MUHAMMAD ARSHAD 09/07/2019

a really powerful way

by Nazir Samath, Solar Photovoltaic Systems Installer Technician , E&E Tech 08/28/2019

i suggest that if their more videos related



by perumal a 08/21/2019

yes, very uesfull course

by Hassan Kamara 08/20/2019

I have learnt so much about battery storage. How fast lithium ion is taking over the battery industry.

by John Eftimiades, Videographer/Thermographer, Skyview Thermography and Media Services 08/17/2019

If you know little to nothing about batteries and how they will be utilized for PV systems than this is a great starter course. Very straightforward and easy to follow.

by Austin Bobmanuel 08/15/2019

I recommend this course for any newbie. It will open your eyes to relevant concepts and topics concerning Deep cycle batteries and design considerations

by Pius Nyaga 08/11/2019

Good expecially for beginners.

by Paul Gosling, Procurement Manager, BE Solar 08/07/2019

For beginners and intermediates, this course is a great starting point to learn the basics of batteries, their capabilities and storage. Excellent communication from the course tutor who has a great way of explaining scenarios in an interesting manner.

by John Moorman 08/01/2019

Very informative helpful understanding battery ratings and storage.

by Tianming Wu 07/13/2019


by Omar Talib 07/12/2019

Highly recommended

by Bobbie Munoz 07/12/2019

Extremely informative and helpful

by chandra Prakash 07/05/2019

I gained knowledge about battery health

by Maheswari Muthusamy 06/30/2019

Very good place to learn state of the art new technology.

by Laura Aguirre 06/26/2019

Loved the course

by Clifford Okoro 06/18/2019

A big thank you to everyone at heartstring and the author. I am 100% more better in understanding battery storage, life cycle and aging Thanks

by Gajalakshmi B 06/14/2019

by TALWINDER SINGH 05/28/2019


by YASHVANTH U 05/24/2019

by Scott P 05/21/2019

by Orlando Soco 05/21/2019



Self was bit susceptible about the complexities involved in the battery and associated calculations etc. However, with the detailed presentation along with great flow of technical content with easy language helped me to not only learn but carry out the subject calculations with utmost ease. Thanks.

by Bahaa Hassan 05/16/2019

To the new students these courses are very useful and very enjoyable and I advise you to follow them and pay attention to them

by Ben Wollman 04/30/2019

Great course to reinforce basics and inspire further inquiry!

by alfredo palattao, engineer, commonwealth utilities corporation 04/25/2019

This Free Course is a MUST for people who are into RE.

by Martin Blacker 04/13/2019

Excellent explanation of the theory behind battery make up and functionality

by Barbara Salazar 04/02/2019

This short course is very informative. Battery capacity is a great additional source of knowledge for battery backup basics. Understanding DOD and cycle life and the Load calculator is really helpful. Christopher has a good workman's explanation of PV systems.

by Hilario Godines, Owner, Renewable Energy Of Texas 03/26/2019

it has a ton of information given in a very simple form. Very easy to follow

by Joel Nzima 03/23/2019


by Bruce Fiero, RMI, Willpower Electric 03/16/2019

This course puts Peukert's law and C rates into understandable terms.

by Noe Morales 03/14/2019


by Sabrina Hardy 03/09/2019

A great intro into batteries.

by Linda Nerstad 02/24/2019

Have you had homeowners refuse to go solar because they wanted batteries so they could be "off the grid"? This course can give you feedback for clients that have no idea the advantages of the grid and the impact at this time of batteries on our environment.

by Fathi Mohammed AlGussi 02/16/2019

Its very good many information about battery in general and specify lead acid deep cycle

by Qassam Al izee 02/14/2019

Great site to learn of solar systems principles

by Muthuvel Veluchamy 02/12/2019

in a short period we can know about the batteries

by Vijayarajan S 02/12/2019

by Joseph Echebi 02/07/2019

This course will demystify all those ratings you see on a battery manufacturers' data sheet.

by BRAJ NANDAN SINGH 02/03/2019

Nice to understand the Battery and its terminology used at various levels in the Industry & Procurement.

by Joao Pina, Professor, Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia 01/19/2019

This is a useful course for people with none or elementary knowledge on batteries. Some aspects are not completely clear, but it's very useful to search afterward.

by Rafael G 12/18/2018

by Booma Jayapalan 11/25/2018

Very useful and more informative, clear lecture, expect more numbers of lectures....

by balachandran karthikeyan 10/03/2018


by RAMUVEL M 10/03/2018


by Balaji K 10/03/2018


by Fahd Elhaissoufi 08/12/2018

Thank you

by Kavitha Sri 08/06/2018

Yes I enjoyed the course really

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