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by Eric Salamanca, Energy Analyst, Energy and Utilities Department, Turks and Caicos Islan... 11/07/2023

I appreciate this course, as it is very informative especially so that my background is in environment but transitioning to renewable energy. Thank you so much Sir.

by Jesse Delgado 10/22/2023

this section is a ' real eye opener ' explaining battery capacity and functionality in the relation to the types of batteries being used and in relation to variation of the use of different types of batteries in a wide range of scenarios.

by Ing. Edward Torkornoo 09/15/2023

I enjoyed the demonstrations, pictures, etc that he used to show us the real world use of these concepts. Well organized and clearly presented

by TIM RIGGS 01/23/2023


by Youcef Mortadji 12/17/2022

جميل جدا

by Hosam Eldin Hamed 10/27/2022

Excellent course that enhanced my knowledge

by Stephen Mennuti, CEO, Menu of Homes Inc. 10/23/2022

the most basic if information without which further study would be impos

by moatasem tarek 10/13/2022


by Gilroy Banner 10/08/2022

The course is well put together to make it easy to understand

by Ibrahim Emmanuel Wali, Engineer , Living safe Nigeria limited 10/01/2022

It been helpful

by Tenarion Strange 09/13/2022

very helpful

by mohamed Helmy 09/09/2022

اشهد بان الدوره ممتاز جدا

by Doug Palmbach 08/26/2022

For anyone without or with little knowledge on batteries and storage , it is a great course.

by Mattie Hinz 04/21/2022


by Omar Ibrahim, Engineer , Techno sun lb 02/28/2022

Great explains

by Oualid KITOUNI 04/23/2021

The best things in this courses or all site is free certificate that will help me mor in my work or career, and the course it's easy to understand, I will give you advice to Invite opportunities and study these technologies you will want to find in future.

by Ayomide Isaac Orekunrin, Engr., Inlaks Limited 03/29/2021

Thanks for the knowledge sharing. It was impactful

by sadam alnaghnoughi 03/27/2021

thank you about this course

by Daniel M 02/27/2021

by suhail doan 11/06/2020

Is wonderfully if you show sample for the system and in same time explain about it

by Uttam Kumar 09/30/2020


by Faisal M Altweariqi, Taif city/Algaim, Retired 09/30/2020

I think it's ok but need more detail........

by Shariq Amin 08/30/2020

This course gives us complete n advanced knowledge about solar batteries

by Kerstin Armamento, VA 08/07/2020

Since this course gives me a lot of ideas about batteries, I will be able to differentiate the kind of batteries to use in so many ways.

by Mohammad Abedalfatah ALASHQAR 08/03/2020


by Alex Miller 07/23/2020

Very insightful information for anyone that wants some basic battery knowledge!

by Fardeen Alam 07/07/2020


by siddhartha ghosh 06/28/2020


by AJIT PRASAD 06/27/2020


by Badr Markoum 06/14/2020


by Ramya Devasahayam, Assistant professor, Sathyabama Institute fo science and technology 06/07/2020

i really enjoyed this course

by Pradip Bardolui 05/25/2020


by GIRMA AFEWORK 05/14/2020

I found it helpful. Thank you heatspring.

by Dharmesh Patel 05/08/2020

Nice course for beginners, who want to do some early work in the energy storage sector.

by Curtis McLennan 05/07/2020

Very informative easy to follow, I can pick it up and put it down when I want

by Deepak S 05/04/2020

by Dr.Siva Ramkumar Mathiyalagan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education 05/03/2020

All regsiter

by Ravindra Gaikwad 04/30/2020

Do have the course for basic understanding of battery capacity for Solar PV projects

by KARTHIGA R B 04/27/2020

Depth in knowledge

by Dr.P.Selvaraj - 04/26/2020

Excellent Course

by Dr.M. MADHESWARAN 04/24/2020


by Nikhil Kadam 04/23/2020


by Nsikan Akpan 04/22/2020

Thanks to Heatspring for the opportunity to take the course. It really opened my eyes to the various issues surrounding storage systems.

by Kabir Adekunle 04/21/2020

This is an interesting and value-adding course for every RE engineer out there

by Nagarajan Chinnadurai 04/21/2020


by Kiran Patil 04/20/2020

Good course

by Amudha A 04/19/2020

This course is beneficial to all.all can go through this irrespective of their domain

by Vembu S 04/15/2020

by Jagadeshwaran S 04/14/2020


by Kelvin Jamnah 04/13/2020

I encourage students to take full advantage.It gives you a platform to understand solar PV

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