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by Deepak B 07/31/2018


by Urval Chotalia 07/30/2018

Yes, As an Fresherit's very helpful.

by ASAN MOHAMED REFAI. D 07/30/2018

Yes of course

by Midhun Chandran 07/29/2018

It is very usefull to know about electrical in home with out any gidance Very use full to engarage the tobic

by Neha P 07/17/2018

by Joon C 07/13/2018

by Innocent Azie 07/08/2018

The course gave a more in-depth knowledge on the relation between dept of discharge and cycles and battery types.

by Getzial Anbu Mani Paul 06/29/2018

Its indeed a course worth to be taken by students working under renewable energy

by Justin Griffith 06/22/2018

If you need to be able make sure that you understand the basics of battery storage this course is for you!

by Ayomide Arowele 06/01/2018

A good exposition for anyone using Batteries

by Nelson Fajardo 05/28/2018

This will clear out all wrong impressions about batteries.

by Okereke Henry, Facility Operation/Equipment Maintenance and Reliability Management Engi... 05/08/2018

Heatspring good

by Nathan Hedrich 04/30/2018

Informative and practical

by Yogesh Naik 04/30/2018

I recommend this course for all those who are interested in solar photovoltaic systems as battery integration with pv systems and the knowhow becomes essential when the customer wants to have options

by Vasilii Smirnov 04/29/2018


by Denis Castonguay 04/28/2018

I would

by William Cole, Project Manager, BDE Solar 04/06/2018


by Joseph Michael 03/14/2018

This is an excellent course if one needs a quick understanding of the principles of battery storage and its application in solar PV installations.

by Bart Henry 03/13/2018

great overall

by kathirvel r 03/07/2018


by meenalochini pandi 03/05/2018


by Perlito Rillorta 03/05/2018

The presentation is very good. It made us understand how batteries functions specially on its discharge based on the way it is being used.

by Gary Burch, General Manager, Environmental Products Supply 02/14/2018

This course builds the foundation upon which the entire RE- battery backup PV system rests. Good introduction to the current and future battery technologies available.

by Leo Gordijenko 02/14/2018

Great course to start your footing on batteries.

by John Opris, Tech Training Specialist, EDF Renewables 02/13/2018

A stepping stone in your knowledge base. Chris answers many questions that you have probably wondered about.

by David Bustin 02/12/2018

A great course for all who are wanting to develop a basic understanding of the current usage of storage batteries used in many PV systems.

by Ian Williamson 02/11/2018

This course is ideal for anyone looking to install battery storage as it explains the pros and cons of different batteries and how to design for best life expectancy for the dollar.

by AJITH KUMAR.S 02/05/2018

9 out of 10

by Sunday Adeoye 01/29/2018

The course is very explicit and well structured for presentation.

by Arthur Bosman 01/23/2018

The trainers have an excellent knowledge on Solar PV and have practical experience which is not common today.

by gunsagar singh 01/22/2018

Quite knowledgeable course If you don't have any basic information about types , basis of storage of battery used in RE and how their capacity effects

by Shiva C 01/19/2018

yes i enjoyed a lot

by Jarrell Julien 01/19/2018

Great course with really solid and understandable material!

by KANNAN V 01/18/2018

yes batteries are nowadays very essential device for all the field

by DON JULIEN 01/11/2018

Want to know about batteries ..then take this course it is a great place to start.

by j taylor 01/10/2018

very informative for the time

by hugo pemberthy 12/28/2017


by khalid alkhorabi 12/27/2017

I advice you to follow this course

by PRAISY FAITH 12/21/2017


by Calie ortiz 12/13/2017

everything you see or read hear can help you in the field learn and it will get you more money .

by Jessie Gutierrez 11/30/2017

For any body that likes to learn, this is a great way to start in the (RE) battery field.

by Dinesh Kannor, Manager (Technology) 11/25/2017

Must Follow

by Richard Dzubay 11/23/2017

try it

by Maegan H 11/13/2017

by Paul Nuoffer 11/10/2017

It's hard work planning and calculating, but we can solve these problems, and move on to solve bigger ones collectively! Become part of the solution!!

by Olumayowa Ojo, Principal Engineer, BSES 11/07/2017

The course has helped me to understand more on batteries especially for RE applications

by Sadiyq Worrell 11/02/2017

Heatspring is a great source of knowledge and great help. I am currently using them to become a PV Installer. Small or large this site has professionals that are there for you.

by Jessica M 10/17/2017

by Ben Rounseville 10/16/2017

good easy way to learn and have easy access to lots of information

by Trevor Edwards, Chief Operating Officer, The Solar Power Installers Association 10/15/2017

As a solar installer in Trinidad & Tobago the course provided to opportunity learn more about PV battery systems through experience and qualified installer