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by Maegan H 11/13/2017

by Paul Nuoffer 11/10/2017

It's hard work planning and calculating, but we can solve these problems, and move on to solve bigger ones collectively! Become part of the solution!!

by Olumayowa Ojo, Principal Engineer, BSES 11/07/2017

The course has helped me to understand more on batteries especially for RE applications

by Sadiyq Worrell 11/02/2017

Heatspring is a great source of knowledge and great help. I am currently using them to become a PV Installer. Small or large this site has professionals that are there for you.

by Jessica M 10/17/2017

by Ben Rounseville 10/16/2017

good easy way to learn and have easy access to lots of information

by Trevor Edwards, Chief Operating Officer, The Solar Power Installers Association 10/15/2017

As a solar installer in Trinidad & Tobago the course provided to opportunity learn more about PV battery systems through experience and qualified installer

by Philip coffman, Owner, COFFMAN hvac & home repair 10/05/2017

Recommend for Knowledge about battery capacity and storage and the way it is calculated

by thanooe paul 10/04/2017

its excellent

by Angel Garcia 08/22/2017

This was truly for beginners and in words and phrases all can understand. Good job.

by Nicole Lyons 08/13/2017

If you want to understand how batteries work, this should give a bearing for that.

by Aakanksha Pathak 08/09/2017

yes. if you need a brief introduction about a battery this is best way to learn.

by Ekene Ngadaonye 07/24/2017

The course is nice and in depth for a free course. It has improved my knowledge on battery rating

by cheavez m 07/12/2017

by lokendra sharma 06/28/2017

This is very helpfull while designing the storage for solar PV.

by Brandon Head 06/25/2017

this class is great please take notes and use the information provided.

by M.Gul Khulmi 06/12/2017

All the parameter need for designing a battery storage system is in one place I learned allot new things for the 1st time about the battery which I was miss up to now. By taking this course as Electrical Engineer I can design now any size battery storage system.

by Dillon Langston 06/08/2017

Great course if you are interested to learn about batteries and their application/function in solar energy systems

by mustafa malekyan 06/07/2017

temperature has a great affect upon the batteries life and charge

by Brennan Rodriguez, Southwest & Central Michigan Sales, Michigan Solar Solutions 06/06/2017

This is a great course if you are looking to pick up the basic skills of sizing and designing battery banks for off-grid or grid-tied applications! Easy for first time learners and easy to complete on your own time frame.

by shivam pachauri 05/24/2017

i learn lot of thing about this course

by Colletti Colletti, Owner, Collective solar 04/12/2017

take the time to view this if pursuing battery knowledge

by Ismaila Muhammad Yahuza 03/21/2017

This is awesome for a beginner like me. I really have a wider view for this course!


Its powerful and I gained knowledge

by Glenn Forslin 02/08/2017

Required knowledge for those new to offgrid energy and storage systems.

by Kerry Lipp, Solar Installer / Electrician, Lipp Electric & Solar 01/23/2017

Great amount of info in a short course. Covers all the basics and then some. I recommend it.

by Fadel Khattab 01/21/2017

So usefull

by santhosh k 01/12/2017


by Todd Mcgill, Solar PV Installer/Tech, "Solar Contract Worker" (various) 01/11/2017


by mera amiera 11/28/2016

we can enjoyed the this course we can improved more

by inna97 noraslinaitam 11/28/2016

we can enjoyed the course and we can providing our whether

by crecky akiey 11/17/2016


by jorita joey 11/17/2016

yes, i will

by along samri 11/17/2016

i like this course

by sedeq angah 11/17/2016

i enjoy when i lean something new.

by TIMOTHY JASON 11/17/2016


by ahmad aman 11/17/2016


by boy boye 11/17/2016

to make me become who am i today

by andak anjang 11/16/2016

battery capacity

by nelviro nelviro 11/16/2016

i want to learn more from this knowledge

by Peekendra S 10/27/2016

by Daniel Bansale, Sales Manager, Millenniumtechno 10/24/2016

I've enjoyed to this course and learned a lot

by Modesto Valdez 08/26/2016

The course is very informative and I have learned more about batteries.

by Shashank H K, Student 08/25/2016


by Hari Singh, Project Engineer, Enzen Global Solutions Pvt Ltd 08/24/2016


by Akinboro Rafiu 08/11/2016

I now understand every parameters on battery and I beleive that gives me more edge and am very much happy about that.

by Benson Kudzai Nasasara 07/23/2016

Download the mp3 resource

by Lenin Brooks 07/19/2016

A good course for professional to refresh their memory and for beginners to understand battery storage.

by Gary Cook 07/10/2016

The course offers good basic understanding of batteries that is a good stepping stone for more in depth battery design for storage systems.

by Tod Fromlath, All, RePower America 07/10/2016

Absolutely vital information for anyone in the industry (even if just for review, as in my case).

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