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Cooling Application Sizing Guide

EIC Solutions, Inc.'s eBook “Understanding The Importance Of Properly Sizing Your Application” is a resource created to assist and educate consumers to identify realistic sizing requirements.


Conducting a sizing will help you accurately determine how much cooling is required for your application. Appropriately sizing your application is more than a simple watt to BTU conversion, as that is not a complete reflection of how much cooling is needed. An accurate sizing consists of a combination of specification-driven factors. This three step guide will demonstrate how to accurately size your application.

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Lori Galdo
Sales Engineer, EIC Solutions, Inc.

Lori Galdo is a sales engineer with EIC Solutions, Inc. EIC is a leading global provider of electronic protection solutions, specially focused on thermal management. Working with the company for approximately 5 years she is responsible for generating thermal sizing of customers’ application specific electronics and developing a solution. She recognizes each unique...[more]

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