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by Matthew Brewington, Hydronic Specialist, Behler-Young 04/07/2022

This course has given me so many resources to use and build my knowledge upon. I would recommend anyone that has anything to do with designing or working on hydronic systems to consider this course.

by Scott Phillips, President, Strategic Project Solutions 02/15/2020

My takeaways from this course were monumental. I am a retired Chemical Engineer who has been away from the "tools" for some time. John resurrected skills and knowledge from my past and made the entire course understandable from beginning to end. In particular, the companionship of John's lectures and his text, along with many specific design procedures, tips and tricks, and design tools will be indispensable as I continue designing my systems. Thanks John for a great experience.

by Chris Brooks, Owner/Operator, C. Brooks Plumbing 10/24/2019

Very good course, a lot of reading and content. Definitely will make you feel better about hydronics than you would previous to the course.

by michael aubertine, owner, michael aubertine architect 04/01/2019

I would highly recommend this course for everyone in the architectural, engineering and construction related fields especially in northern New York and similar climates. The information provided could potentially save our clients thousands of dollars in construction costs and operating costs, not to mention the comfort level of the home or business. The course was money well spent!

by Carlos Rossi, owner, crctec 01/24/2019

This course is well worth its cost if you are honestly interested in designing and building custom hydronic heating systems that will meet or exceed your Customer's expectations, and at the end you'll have clear paths towards continuous professional improvement and education.

by Dave Graham, Engineer, University of Delaware 11/01/2018

This is a great in depth course. Don't get spooked by the residential aspect, it all applies to even commerical

by Paul Good, Manager field tech, g.w. gill plumbing and heating 09/12/2018

It is a great way to expand your knowledge and to continue your education of hydronic heating.

by Bogdan Chivulescu, Mechanical Engineer 09/08/2018

Teaching of the course was outstanding and the course layout was exceptional. This is one of the best courses I have ever been on in my professional engineering career. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is keen to learn hydronic heating systems. Best Regards, Bogdan Chivulescu Mechanical Engineer Regina, Canada

by Cal Ryan, Foreman, Ryan Mechanical Inc. 07/08/2018

I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to get a more thorough knowledge of hydronic heating system design. If you are willing to put in the work you will get a lot out of this class.

by Scott Anderson, Technical Support Manager, tekmar Controls (Watts Water) 05/14/2018

Excellent course, worth every minute! Not only a great course for system designers but for anyone who works in the hydronics industry. Goes beyond the math and methods to also provide useful insights and tips for successful designing.

by Darrell Moorehead 10/29/2017

As a fella wanting to design his own system the course gave me a broad overview of what how and why to build a working system.

by Steve Cooper, President, Lake Country Geothermal, Inc. 04/04/2017

This course is a great mix of principles and real world application! I feel confident that I can communicate the benefits of hydronic heating to effectively market it, assess my clients' needs, and design (and explain) solutions that will meet them.

by Dan Beaudoin, Mechanical Design Engineer, RJ Burnside & Associates Ltd. 08/30/2016

I enjoyed the course

by Anthony Curtis, Applications Engineer, Mestek 06/16/2016

To have limited knowledge and experience in the hydronic world; I can attest to the effectiveness of this course in bringing me valuable information I can take with me for the rest of my life.

by Spencer Turley, Foreman, Pitt Meadows Plumbing and Mechnical 05/30/2016

"great course, very informative!"

by Geoffrey DuBois, Sales Engineer, Bell Products 05/28/2016

John Siegenthaler has a great understanding of all hydronic systems. This includes a complete understanding of the physics and thermodynamic principles of all the processes. His knowledge of current system applications is complete. His recommendations on installations show that he also has extensive field knowledge from hands on experience and he backs it up with theory from his academic background.

by Joseph Melograno, LEED AP, CPD, CEA, Senior Engineering Associate, Miller-Remick, LLC 05/27/2016

I would definitely consider taking another one of John's courses.

by Mike Stafford, Pres., Stafford Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 12/19/2015

I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the hydronic industry. I have been working with hydronics for 41 years and have seen a lot of changes, but this course allowed me to gain that extra knowledge that I was missing. It was very informative and well worth the time and money spent. Thanks John and everyone from HeatSpring. Mike Stafford, Stafford Plumbing & Heating

by Brent Steinke, Vice President, Lloyd's Plumbing & Heating 12/14/2015

This course and resources given proved to be very informative. I now have a much better understanding of the complete hydronic system and how they should operate. I have also been able to better explain to my employees and customers the operation and advantages of several types of systems. As well as the resources to design complete systems. I highly recommend this course to everyone in the HVAC field that does anything with wet heat systems.

by Allen Mayes, Customer Support Tier 1, tekmar Controls 11/28/2015

I would recommend that any hydronic professional take this course. I believe the lessons learned here would greatly benefit installers and service techs. Over 50% of the support calls I handle are because the service person or installer simply doe not have a good grasp on the fundamentals presented in the course.

by Robert Morrison, Owner, October Engineering LLC 10/26/2015

Mastering Hydronic System Design presents both engineering concepts and installation details in a way that both engineers and installers will appreciate.

by Terrence Sauve, Farmstead Optmization and Safety Engineer, Ontario Ministry of Agricult... 08/25/2015

Thanks Siggy for this great and thorough course on modern hydronic heating. Hopefully distributors will start to stock some of these components and we can heat the 21st century.

by Harry Voorhees 08/07/2015

If you want to learn and interact with the expert "who wrote the book" on hydronic heating, this is a convenient way to do it!

by Steve Sontag, Alternative Energy, Axmen 08/06/2015

I loved the ability to do the course when I had the time to do it, I also liked all the diagrams and illustrations. Great course!

by Andrew H 08/11/2022

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