What Business Are Electric Utilities In? - Self Study


Author: Mahesh Bhave

Subjects: Microgrid: Economics

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This is a very high-level discussion of the future of power generation. It's intended to spur your thinking and isn't really a detailed how-to course. Presenter Mahesh Bhave has an upcoming book on this topic, and it's a good opportunity to hear his take on where the industry is headed.

The traditional mission of an electric utility – providing affordable, reliable, resilient power to homes and businesses – can be fulfilled nearly as well by multiple means and by numerous entities. What then do electric utilities do? In this free lecture, Mahesh Bhave argues that the intersection of telecom and electricity industries offers attractive growth options.

Realizing the growth possibilities requires the breaking down of traditional industry and jurisdictional boundaries; re-purposing network architectures and topologies; and re-structuring the ownership structure of utilities. At this inflection point in their histories, the classical utilities have nearly no choice because the alternative is accelerating decline in mature market economies. For emerging markets, the state of the industry creates leap-frogging opportunities for rapid, low-pollution, 100% electrification.

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Mahesh Bhave

Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Management

Mahesh Bhave is a Visiting Professor of Strategy at Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, India. He has worked in product management, strategy, and business development positions at Hughes, Sprint, and Citizens in the United States. He is the founder of a rich media communications start-up in San Diego, CA. He is an engineer from IIT, New Delhi and Ph.D. from...[more]

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Video Lecture, Supplementary Resources, and Discussion

In this module, you'll watch the video lecture, view related articles, and post questions or comments.

  • Lecture Slides (PDF) (Download .pdf)
  • Lecture: Dr. Mahesh Bhave - What Business Are Electric Utilities In? (27 minutes) (Video)
  • Article: "What Business Are Electric Utilities In?" (Feb. 2015) (Download .pdf)
  • Article: "Chattanooga's Gig: How One City's Super-Fast Internet Is Driving a Tech Boom" (2014) (Resource)
  • Article: "Hamburg Backs EU2 Billion Buyback of Power Grids in Plebiscite" (2013) (Resource)