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Instructor: Keith Cronin

Subjects: Solar: Marketing and Sales, Solar: Business Growth

Length: Weekly Subscription


New Update - Keith has decided to make one of the weekly calls in this course free for everyone. Join the next session of the Free Weekly Solar Business Discussion Group which happens on Tuesday each week.

With your world changing overnight, you have some doubts now. When will things get back to normal? How will I take care of myself and others?

This has been a wakeup call to communities big and small.

You’re probably wondering how you can make money and make a difference in this world.

Finally (Some good news)

Solar work falls under the category of essential services. Electricians and the support people needed to design, install and maintain systems are in demand now.

If you’re thinking about joining the ranks of people in the solar industry, now is the time.

You might be thinking you don’t have all the skills today to contribute. That’s ok. If you want to learn and have time now, this is a perfect opportunity.

What if you’ve been in the solar industry for a while? Well, we always want to up our skills or learn something new. Maybe you’ve been so busy you’ve not had time to take on one more thing.

Now is your time.

Who is this for?

How will this work?

Each week on Tuesday and Friday, we’ll have a group video call through Zoom. You get your questions answered about anything solar and business related.

There are also 8 modules of recorded lectures on everything described above, all of which is available as soon as you enroll. This course was created in March 2020, it is all up to date and relevant to you and we'll keep updating it as the market changes. You can sign up and login now and get started. Start learning new skills immediately.

You can look at the syllabus below for more detailed information.

We are going to work together each week and get your questions answered, building your confidence and skills at the same time. Each group video call will be recorded and can be rewatched later.

Need help with your marketing campaign, we’ve got you covered. Need help budgeting for your business, we’re here to help you. Looking for career advice, we’re going to guide you.

What is this going to cost you?

$99 per week.

Look, we understand it is difficult right now for you. We want to help you and offer a program that is effective and affordable.

You can stay as long as you like, cancel anytime.

We want to see you reach your goals and start making money right away.

In times like these, we want to help you find a mentor. Combined with the group video calls, a tribe of like-minded people trying to help each other.

Come join us. Make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

You’ll be glad you did.

Keith Cronin

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Keith Cronin is one of HeatSpring's most popular and highest rated instructors. He's been there in the trenches and has developed this curriculum based on the things that worked for his solar business, as well as the questions he gets from students and consulting clients.

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Keith has taught students from over 20 different countries. This course is about business fundamentals and distilling lessons which apply to any solar business regardless of specific location.

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I've have the pleasure of knowing Keith for over 20 years. Keith was one of the driving forces for me to switch careers and enter the solar industry. I've utilized his knowledge, suggestions, and advice during my transition. To this day, three years later, I attribute much of my success to Keith.

- Elvin Frost, Senior Solar Advisor at Geoscape Solar

Keith's insights are gems mined from his vast and long experience in the solar industry, and he is sharing them with anyone who cares about building a better world.

- Rehan Siddiqui Consultant, Solar Consulting Engineers

Thank you, Keith, for providing this session. Your insight comes at a critical moment not only for the solar industry at large but also my business aspirations.

- Nate de Vries

[Keith Cronin] was excellent and clearly drew upon a wealth of experience in the solar industry. I really appreciated [his] level of engagement in the calls and discussions board, and especially review of homework assignments.

- Rob McAtee, Hankins and Anderson

Clear concise information for creating or building a solar business.

- Cash Sutton

This course has help me understand the solar industry more and how I can apply it to my business.

- Bruce H. Taylor CEO/ Project Management, Twin Connection Technology, LLC.


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Keith Cronin

SunHedge LLC

Keith Cronin is an in-demand business consultant. He has helped solar companies achieve their goals through his perspective, recruiting, coaching sessions and products. After his company was acquired by SunEdison, he decided to help people and serve others in Hawaii and across the globe. After his tenure with SunEdison, he founded SunHedge. SunHedge assists small...[more]

Free Preview - How To Succeed In Solar

Course Outline

Welcome - Orientation Materials

This section includes some orientation materials for the online course portion of this subscription offering. The course is self-paced, so you don’t need to be logged in at any specific time. The course material can be completed on your own pace and at your convenience. The course discussion board is a great place to interact with other students and ask questions. Popular questions will be discussed during video call sessions. Please review the orientation materials and introduce yourself on the discussion board.

  • Introduction to HeatSpring (Video - 01:25 minutes) preview
  • How To Succeed In Solar (Video - 02:50 minutes) preview
  • Welcome to The Course! (Video - 02:50 minutes)
  • Set up email notifications and your student profile (Text)
  • Introduce yourself on the discussion board (Text)
Module 1 - Development plan

This week we will go into detail regarding the importance of a development plan. Residential, Commercial, C&I, Utility Scale solar. As you go through the course, you will see yourself going back to this plan as a reference and see it all connect.

  • Download: Sample Development Plan - Excel File (Download .xlsx)
  • Video Lesson 1: Introduction to a Development Plan (Video - 02:33 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 2: Introduction to the Site (Video - 06:46 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 3: Introduction to Permitting (Video - 06:48 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: Introduction to an Offtaker (Video - 04:52 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 5: Introduction to Finance (Video - 09:32 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 6: Introduction to Interconnection (Video - 03:20 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 7: Introduction to Engineering (Video - 04:18 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 8: Introduction to Construction (Video - 05:25 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 9: Homework assignment (Video - 04:29 minutes)
  • Download: Homework Assignment - Word File (Download .docx)
Module 2 - System Sizing

You can use this tool to start to curate a design for your project. This has metrics in it that will help you manage your teams as well.

  • Video Lesson 1: Introduction to System Sizing (Video - 03:54 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 2: The Electric Bill (Video - 05:11 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 3: Excel Modeling your Distributed Generation System (Video - 06:36 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: Excel Modeling Cost (Video - 05:30 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 5: Excel Modeling Labor (Video - 06:09 minutes)
  • Download - Excel Modeling File (Download .xlsx)
  • Download - Homework Assignment-Word (Download .docx)
  • Download - Electric Bill- PDF (Download .pdf)
Module 3 - Budgeting for Your Business

Whether you're just starting out as a solopreneur, have an established business or work at a company, these tools will be invaluable to help you along your journey.

  • Video Lesson 1: Introduction to Budgeting Your Business (Video - 03:30 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 2: Introduction to Labor (Video - 04:55 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 3: Introduction to Labor Productivity (Video - 05:25 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: Introduction to Overhead (Video - 05:19 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 5: Overhead-Advertising (Video - 02:32 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 6: Overhead-Professional Services (Video - 02:28 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 7: Overhead-Training (Video - 02:43 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 8: Overhead-Summary Allocation (Video - 02:26 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 9: Overhead-Cost-Summary (Video - 04:30 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 10: Overhead-Minimum Labor Goals (Video - 05:23 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 11: Breakeven (Video - 05:14 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 12: Gross Margin - Company Annual Budget (Video - 08:18 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 13: Consultant- Commission Tool (Video - 03:14 minutes)
  • Download: Budgeting Excel File Template- Uses Macros (Download .xlsm)
  • Download: Time and Commissions (Download .xlsx)
  • Download- Homework Assignment- Budgeting (Download .pdf)
Module 4 - Request For Proposal

The RFP process is often difficult and can be frustrating. Perhaps you've never participated in one. If you have you know they take time to gather information to submit one. Think about the RFP process in reverse: what do your prospective clients want? What are they expecting? What is important to them? Use the RFP and reverse engineer it and use the lessons in this week to improve your own proposal offerings/process.

  • Video Lesson 1: Introduction to a Request for Proposal (Video - 04:24 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 2: Overview - Request for Proposal (Video - 06:27 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 3: Request for Proposal - Requirements (Video - 06:55 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: Request for Proposal - Project Team - Qualifications (Video - 07:22 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 5: Request for Proposal - System Design (Video - 06:34 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 6: Request for Proposal - Minimum Requirements (Video - 05:50 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 7: Request for Proposal - Award of The Project (Video - 11:47 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 8: Request for Proposal - Insurance Requirements (Video - 06:02 minutes)
  • Download: RFP - PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Download: RFP Homework Assignment (Download .pdf)
Module 5 - Contract Documents

This week we will explore contract documents. We aren't providing legal advice, but perspectives from industry experience. Please seek out legal and accounting professionals prior to engaging clients and counterparties in deals/projects.

  • Video Lesson 1: Letter of Intent- Introduction (Video - 05:17 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 2: Memorandum of Understanding- Part 1 (Video - 07:28 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 3: Memorandum of Understanding- Part 2 (Video - 06:43 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: Site Lease (Video - 07:29 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 5: SEIA- PPA- C&I - Part 1 (Video - 05:18 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 6: SEIA- PPA- C&I - Part 2 (Video - 09:38 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 7: SEIA- PPA- C&I - Part 3 (Video - 07:17 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 8: SEIA- PPA- C&I - Part 4 (Video - 08:02 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 9: O&M Agreement (Video - 09:05 minutes)
  • Download- Commercial PPA - NREL (Download .docx)
  • Download- Commercial PPA - C&L - SEIA (Download .pdf)
  • Download- Commercial Lease - Word Doc (Download .docx)
  • Download- Commercial PPA-NREL- Excel (Download .xlsx)
  • Download: Site lease (Download .docx)
  • Download: Memorandum of Understanding- Doc (Download .docx)
  • Download: Letter of Intent - Word doc (Download .docx)
Module 6 - Pulling it All Together - Your First Project

In this week, you will take all that you've learned from researching to create your development plan, to sizing your system, to creating a company budget for planning and resource management, to working on the RFP to learn what your clients needs are and using financial modeling and contracts to provide a polished proposal. This week, take a project, run the math and submit a project for review. This can be a cash deal or a PPA. Go back to the development plan week and verify your numbers.

  • Video Lesson 1: Putting It All Together (Video - 04:52 minutes)
Module 7 - The Science of Story - Part 1

Throughout time, we have been influenced by story. From Shakespeare to religious text to modern day movies. The patterns and elements of story are a science. And this science, you can learn and use it in your ambitions. Over the next couple of weeks, we will explore this in detail and show you how you can use story in solar. Take the time to pull out the pen and paper. Watch the videos many times to get the essense of the foundations and you'll be able to apply what you've learned with precision. And when you have questions, you can submit them or discuss them during our live web calls. Excited to see what you share with us. Keith

  • Video Lesson 1: Introduction to Story and Your Marketing (Video - 06:16 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 2: How Journalism Influences Our Behaviors (Video - 10:28 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 3: How To Use The StoryCircle To Connect With Your Audience (Video - 09:52 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: How Copywriting Influences People - Part 1 (Video - 06:09 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 5: How Copywriting Influences People - Part 2 (Video - 05:52 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 6: How Copywriting Influences People - Part 3 (Video - 06:12 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 7: How Copywriting Influences People - Part 4 (Video - 05:50 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 8: How Copywriting Influences People - Part 5 (Video - 03:18 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 9: How Copywriting Influences People - Part 6 (Video - 05:02 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 10: Copywriting Exercise (Video - 05:46 minutes)
  • Download: Storytelling Framework (Download .pdf)
  • Download: Journalism Framework (Download .docx)
  • Download: Copywriting Exercise (Download .docx)
Module 8 - The Science of Story - Part 2

Welcome to this week and the science of story. We will explore some formula/frameworks that you can use right away. We are going to touch upon influences of Google, who've spent millions honing their messaging to how infomercials shape our consumer psyche.

  • Video Lesson 1: The Why, What, How & Now - Google and You (Video - 11:06 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 2: How To Create A Marketing Calendar (Video - 09:36 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 3: How Infomercials Hook Us - Part 1 (Video - 09:31 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: How Infomercials Hook Us - Part 2 (Video - 11:52 minutes)
  • Download: Marketing Calendar (Download .xlsm)
  • Download: Why What How Now (Download .docx)
  • Download: How Infomercials Hook Us (Download .pdf)
Module 9 - The Science of Story - Part 3

In this week, we will explore the importance of speaking to a prospective candidates desires in the help wanted ads. We will also break down how to write a script for your next 60 second (or longer) video for your marketing efforts. Finally, we will dive into the idea of how to write attention grabbing headlines.

  • Video Lesson 1: How to Write an Ad That Attracts People - Part 1 (Video - 07:17 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 2: How to Write an Ad That Attracts People - Part 2 (Video - 07:42 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 3: How To Write A Video Commercial - Part 1 (Video - 08:32 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 4: How To Write A Video Commercial - Part 2 (Video - 08:05 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 5: How To Write A Headline (Video - 08:33 minutes)
  • Download: How To Write A Script For Your Video (Download .docx)
  • Download: 60 Second Video Framework Sample (Download .docx)
  • Download: Headline & Subject Line Idea Generator (Download .docx)
Module 10 - Week 10- How To Offer Clients Generators

You might be wondering, why do we want to offer generators when we're in the solar business? Good question. A story for you. In the last few years, California has been hit with extended droughts. This is becoming an annual event. Add in California's already strong solar market, you might believe that just add more solar and compliment it with storage. While this is a good idea, the research I've done seems to have taken this idea in a different direction. What was discovered was people want to have more power to run more things and not be incumbered by the limitations of solar & storage. Conversely, small to medium sized businesses also want protection from extended power outages. Often their needs can't be supported by solar & storage. With that said, this weeks course focuses on a proposal tool in powerpoint that can be modified for your needs and is accompanied by an excel file to run the numbers. You'll learn how to rapidly create proposals and offer your clients proposals in minutes and not days. You can also look at using these simple tools for other products/services you offer your clients as well.

  • Video Lesson 1: The Generator Proposal (Video - 07:41 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 2: The Generator Excel - Part 1 (Video - 05:00 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 3: The Generator Excel - Part 2 (Video - 08:58 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: The Generator Excel - Part 3 (Video - 06:15 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 5: The Generator Excel - Part 4 (Video - 06:15 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 6: The Generator Excel - Part 5 (Video - 07:51 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 7: The Call Taking Script (Video - 10:11 minutes)
  • Download: The Call Taking Script (Download .docx)
  • Download: The Generator Proposal Powerpoint Template (Download .pptx)
  • Download: The Generator Proposal Excel Template (Download .xlsx)
Module 11 - Solar Playbook

You're growing your solar company. Hiring people. Getting systems in place to operate while you're not there. Here are the steps for building those systems so when you or someone is on vacation, leaving the company, joining the company, it is clear on what everyone is supposed to do. Then you can allow time for people to be creative as they can focus on innovation when the daily tasks are automated.

  • Video Lesson 1: Introduction to The Solar Playbook (Video - 02:40 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 2: Why The Solar Playbook Is Essential (Video - 07:36 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 3: How To Build Your Solar Playbook (Video - 05:49 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: The Departments Of Your Solar Playbook (Video - 07:52 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 5: The ScoreCard Of Your Solar Playbook (Video - 07:33 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 6: The Workflow Management Of Your Solar Playbook (Video - 06:37 minutes)
  • Download: Solar Playbook Excerpt (Download .pdf)
Module 12 - How To Interview To Hire The Best Qualified And Motivated People

By far, if we get this correct, we can grow our businesses and continue to attract like minded people to our cause and journey. If we get it wrong, disaster strikes. In this week's lessons, we visit all of the aspects of asking the right questions, listening, understanding and knowing what is driving people.

  • Video Lesson 1: Introduction to Hiring (Video - 07:56 minutes) preview
  • Video Lesson 2: The Person (Video - 07:04 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 3: Education (Video - 07:04 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 4: Experience (Video - 07:39 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 5: Technical (Video - 04:48 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 6: Leadership (Video - 09:56 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 7: Clients/Customer Service (Video - 06:58 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 8: Communication (Video - 12:13 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 9: Manageability (Video - 06:40 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 10: Problem Solving (Video - 06:46 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 11: Planning (Video - 04:17 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 12: Interpersonal Skills & Collaboration (Video - 09:42 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 13: Conflict Resolution (Video - 08:27 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 14: Integrity-Trust (Video - 07:43 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 15: Change (Video - 10:12 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 16: Creativity & Stress (Video - 08:59 minutes)
  • Video Lesson 17: Risk Taking & Taking Initiative (Video - 08:25 minutes)
  • Download - Hiring & Interviewing Guide (Download .pdf)
Feedback and Additional Resources

In this module you can provide feedback on the course and learn about additional resources. No matter how great this course is, we know it's just one part of a bigger journey. Don't forget that you'll have access to the course materials will remain in your account for as long as your subscription remains active. Feel free to come back as much as you like to continue learning and rewatch the videos as many times as you want.

  • What Else Do You Want To Learn? (Text)
  • Introduction to HeatSpring (1 minute) (Video - 01:25 minutes) preview
  • Feedback: 2-minute Exit Survey (Survey)
  • Certificate of Completion: Request a Certificate (Certificate)
Free Preview - How To Succeed In Solar

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