Future-proofing Solar PV savings with Energy Storage


Instructor: Adam Gerza

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This course will begin with an overview of the "future-proofing solar savings" concept. Right now we know for certain that the utility rates and NEM frameworks are changing all over the country. In the last quarter alone (Q3 2017), 41 states took some action related to distributed solar policy or rate design. The changes being proposed and implemented depend on state and utility territory, but the one general commodity that most share is that they typically erode the savings of customer-sited solar. In other words: these changes reduce the “avoided cost” solar can achieve, which eats into the economic value proposition of solar. So this course and video is really about how energy storage can be paired with PV to help limit that erosion of savings. The course will overview the ways to setup and model this analysis.

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Adam Gerza

COO, Energy Toolbase

Adam Gerza is the COO of Energy Toolbase, an industry leading software platform for modeling and proposing the economics of solar and storage projects. He has worked in the solar industry for over 9 years in various project development, policy and finance related roles. Prior to solar, Adam traded natural gas commodity products for 5 years for a bank and later a hedge...[more]

Course Outline

Future-proofing Solar PV savings with Energy Storage

  • Future-proofing Solar PV savings with Energy Storage (Video)
  • Presentation Materials (Download .pdf)

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