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by Jeff Quales, Owner , Quail Electric 01/27/2016

I liked the class being self paced and still have interaction with class mates as being in a classroom. It challenges you to be positive in creating lesson and study time schedule.

by santosh dhakal, engineer, NU Engineering 01/22/2016

A good presentation with real site examples.

by Jeremy Hazelwood, President, Undefined Heights Electric 01/08/2016

I think it was very informative and easy to understand. It was an interesting course with a lot of helpful handouts to save for future use

by Tra Bi Gouglin, PV Installer, NRG Home Solar 12/07/2015

Not a this moment

by Brent Groce 12/05/2015

I have taken quite a few HeatSpring courses and I likely will take more but I nearly asked for a refund of the cost of this course. I had, based in Dr. White's credentials, very high expectations for the course and those expectations were definitely not met.

by Rick Ross, Associate Director, Statutory & Infrastructure Programs, CT Green Bank 12/01/2015

Would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in getting into the solar/energy industry. Very well done.

by Hu Xiao, Senior Design Engineer, Borrego Solar System, Inc 10/17/2015

This course is really professional and efficient which cover all type knowledge in PV Solar System. I enjoy it so much.

by rudy benitez, installer , solar tec system inc. 09/12/2015


by Leslie Andersen, Design Engineer, Leslie Andersen Consulting 08/03/2015

Shawn White's course exceeded my expectation not only for the potential for on-line learning - but also for bringing new and valuable depth and breadth the course material that is also timely and relevant.

by Josh M 06/02/2023

by Brent S 05/30/2023

by Jason H 05/27/2023

by Justin D 05/23/2023

by Chase S 05/16/2023

by Sam E 05/12/2023

by Haresh J 05/12/2023

by Miguel G 05/09/2023

by Talmath L 05/05/2023

by Saran Kumar K 05/04/2023

by Zachary R 05/04/2023

by Harold R 05/04/2023

by Richard T 05/03/2023

by Walter C 05/01/2023

by Stacey E 04/30/2023

by Patrick W 04/29/2023

by Jesus M 04/29/2023

by Justin H 04/26/2023

by Carson S 04/25/2023

by Elysia T 04/25/2023

by Patrick A 04/20/2023

by Lorne John W 04/20/2023

by Jason D 04/12/2023

by Nickole G 04/11/2023

by Mehrdad M 04/08/2023

by Tres R 04/05/2023

by Andrew B 04/05/2023

by Thomas F 03/27/2023

by Rob R 03/27/2023

by AHMAD A 03/25/2023

by Jesse K 03/15/2023

by Ricky H 03/15/2023

by Tyler H 03/15/2023

by Lucas T 03/14/2023

by Steve H 03/13/2023

by Tripp E 03/13/2023

by Bruce S 03/12/2023

by Will K 03/08/2023

by Charles S 03/08/2023

by Travis S 03/04/2023

by Josiah C 03/01/2023

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