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by Josh M 06/02/2023

by Brent S 05/30/2023

by Jason H 05/27/2023

by Justin D 05/23/2023

by Jhoan Hernandez 05/23/2023

Looked for a class that gave me the necessary knowledge and a good guide to study. The practice exam and explanations are a great learning tool!

by Chase S 05/16/2023

by Sam E 05/12/2023

by Haresh J 05/12/2023

by Miguel G 05/09/2023

by James Iwamura, Assistant solar installer, Grid alternatives 05/08/2023

I really recomend this couurse if you decide to make a career in solar. ive been doing solar for a little over a year and working on my way to become a supervisor. so stay dedicade

by Talmath L 05/05/2023

by Saran Kumar K 05/04/2023

by Zachary R 05/04/2023

by Harold R 05/04/2023

by Richard T 05/03/2023

by Michael Spaniol, Renewable Energy Officer, Energy Advantage Roof & Solar 05/03/2023

The Heatspring Solar PV 40-hour Advanced Certification Training was a crucial resource for leveling up my knowledge in the quickly developing solar industry. I am far more confident in my work as a solar operations lead, and can apply it in many different areas throughout the industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is taking their training seriously and wants to pursue a career in solar.

by Micah Johnson, Operations Manager, Solar Connection 05/02/2023

Excellent course and excellent value. Note that while it's listed as a 16 hour course, that's referring to 16 hours of video time. There is also reading, tests, and studying that are not included in that.

by Walter C 05/01/2023

by Stacey E 04/30/2023

by Patrick W 04/29/2023

by Jesus M 04/29/2023

by Justin H 04/26/2023

by Carson S 04/25/2023

by Elysia T 04/25/2023

by Patrick A 04/20/2023

by Lorne John W 04/20/2023

by Braden Fritsche 04/19/2023

I feel that anyone involved in PV in the US would benefit greatly by taking this course.

by Jason D 04/12/2023

by Nickole G 04/11/2023

by Kaleb Brown 04/08/2023

Sean White's PV Boot Camp is an excellent resource for anyone looking to dive deep into the world of photovoltaics. The course material is well-structured and covers everything from the basics of solar energy to advanced system design concepts. With Sean's expert guidance and hands-on training, I was able to gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the solar industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their education in solar energy

by Mehrdad M 04/08/2023

by Nicholas Shrader 04/07/2023

I learned so much taking this course, it is a lot of information, but Sean does an excellent job of explaining what, where, and why things are in the PV industry. Whether you are already in the industry or looking to make the jump I can't recommend this course enough. I feel extremely confident about taking the exam after having took this course.

by Tres R 04/05/2023

by Andrew B 04/05/2023

by Thomas F 03/27/2023

by Rob R 03/27/2023

by AHMAD A 03/25/2023

by Alec Schweitzer 03/20/2023

This online course is the best of both worlds. The videos allow you to work at your own pace, but the instructor is always able to be reached and is very eager to answer questions or just talk solar.

by Douglas Lacanilao 03/16/2023

This course has it all! from safety to sizing with history though out.

by Jesse K 03/15/2023

by Ricky H 03/15/2023

by Tyler H 03/15/2023

by Lucas T 03/14/2023

by Steve H 03/13/2023

by Tripp E 03/13/2023

by Bruce S 03/12/2023

by Will K 03/08/2023

by Charles S 03/08/2023

by Travis S 03/04/2023

by Josiah C 03/01/2023

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