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Professor White went in-depth into the topics covered by the NABCEP Associate Exam and beyond. His online lectures are engaging and are filled with real-life examples that help connect technical concepts with practical utility. On top of that, his sense of humor elevated the material and kept me engaged in ways that other online courses struggle to do. After taking this course, I feel way more prepared for the NABCEP Associate Exam and entering the solar field.

Patrick McGee

I truly enjoyed all the information presented in the lessons

michael glenn

A VERY in-depth and detailed course that will enable you to become knowledgeable and confident within the PV industry. This is an incredible tool and resource (the only one you'll likely need) to prepare for the NABCEP PVIP exam! There is a plethora of extra/additional content that supplements the core material to prepare for the NABCEP PVIP exam. Sean White and Bill Brooks are not only guru's, been in the industry for decades, but also help write the NEC code that this course prepares you to be examined. Great teaching style to help lighten the material. Thank you Sean!

Michael Morse

Excellent course. Clearly taught by a very knowledgable teacher. I am preparing for the NABCEP PVIP exam and this was the perfect study guide. Many practice exams with the answers explained in great detail. The ability to work at my own pace but still having instructor feedback and responses makes for a very convenient and smooth learning process. If you are preparing for any NABCEP exam, this course is a must.

Duncan Bryla

Sean is great! He is very responsive and informative!

Amy Voegtli

I've been employed in Oil & Gas for 10 years... currently making the pivot into renewables. This class was an excellent grounding in PV and has allowed me to better understand the not only the basics but also the PV market and current technologies (among other things). Highly recommended.

Turner Harris
GATE Energy

I recommend this course to understand the PV world at the entry level and a bit beyond. Once you go over this course, the logic of how things work will be there, it is now just putting things to practice to become an expert.

Ray del Cojo

Heatspring has given me the opportunity to develop technical skills on a national level for myself, my business and hopefully one day for the world. This has allowed me to follow my path and to learn specialized skills at my own pace. Thank you Geoffrey Ritter

Geoffrey Ritter
Owner, Plants and Power llc

There are many options to gain PV knowledge at a variety of price points (his is in the middle), but it was important that I learn from a 'guru', who not only has the applied, real-world experienced background with technical expertise and knowledge, but I wanted to learn from someone who's passion REALLY IS PV... Sean's no dinosaur, but he's been in this industry before I was born ('83), but he's still in the top handful who are at the bleeding edge of its current state. It's his passion and it certainly comes through in the way he teaches. I'd say Sean is of the handful who not only write the books (literally) on the subject, but knows how to be a top-notch educator, and loves doing it too!

Michael Morse

Even if you are not planning on taking the exam I strongly recommend this course. It can be a refreshing class for us who already know a thing or two about electricity and a great source of new and clear information for this ever changing industry.

Daniel Miranda

Sean is a very knowledgeable and passionate person when it comes to PV systems, and it shows in his lessons. He clearly just wants all of the students to be prepared for the Associate Exam, and does everything in his power to make sure that the students are prepared.

Dane Larson
Solar Consultant, Wolf Track Energy

Since I work for a Engineering firm dedicated the most on solar works this courses help me out to understand better all the topics regarding PV Systems.

Nelson Torres

Until recently the solar industry has become a practical and necessary part of our economy. Before I took this course I knew a fair amount about solar design and installations. What makes this course so great is that whether you are in your first or tenth year in the solar industry, everything you need to know to work in solar is explained. My personal favorites were the history of photovoltaics and understanding interpretations of the electrical code. If I had known this course was going to be anything like the way it is, I would have signed up for it years ago. Awesome class! Thanks HeatSpring.

Scott Mora
Project Manager, Sunrun

watch the videos as mach as you need to understand as much as you can, and to at least navigate the NEC fast and effectively

Adriano Orfei
Crew Lead Installer , Freedom Solar Power

I would highly recommend this course for an intensive detail of everything you should know about solar.

Patrick Monteith
Installer, Okanagan Solar

I am an electrical contractor and I want my business to move towards specializing in PV. This course has been an excellent starting point towards making that happen

Tobyn McCormick
Owner/installer, Tobyn Clark Electric

Dr. Sean White's Associate prep course is a must-do for serious exam goers, if they'd like to experience a fun way of preparing for the exam's content !

Ajmal Abdul Salam
Tendering Engineer, Belectric Gulf Limited

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to prepare for the NABCEP exam. Although I am a master electrician I am relatively new to the solar industry and found the advanced material in the course to be clearly presented and easy to understand. The practice exams and the explanation videos to the questions on the practice exams were so valuable in helping me gain the knowledge to be able to pass the NABCEP exam and also help in the field with installs and maintenance!

Randy Romans
owner, Randy Romans Electric

If you are a solar installer or anyone looking to further increase your understanding of PV systems this course is where its at. Sean is an awesome instructor and breaks down complex material into easily understandable concepts .

Samuel Quinn
Solar Installer, Energy Independent Solutions

I passed my test the first time because of Sean's classes and books

Richard Phillips
Project Manager, Conundrum Technologies
Salim A

As someone who has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level in an engineering discipline for over 30 years, I can say with certainty that Dr. White is an outstanding instructor. He will prepare you to take an pass the NABCEP PV ASSOCIATE EXAM.

Thomas Meek

This is a great course to prepare for the NABCEP professional exam. It has deepened my understanding of solar, electric, and the NEC, and has not only prepared me for the exam, but has also grown me to do my job better. It's great that you can go at your own pace, you gain valuable knowledge without constant pressure of deadlines. Sean is a great teacher, and this is a great course.

Marthinus van der Merwe
Solar Foreman, August Roofing Inc.

"Multiply Ah by V to get battery capacity in Wh." One of the many tricks I learned from this course.

Laksh Muchhal

The Heatspring Advanced PV course is great. There is a large amount of material provided, covering all the exam objectives. Sean and Bill present the material in an often entertaining manner, which helped keep me interested and engaged, so I could learn and retain the knowledge I needed. It definitely was key to helping me pass the exam.

Ken Nadsady
Owner/Lead Installer, AviSun Renewable Energy

The course goes way beyond just learning about solar. All the additional information related to our craft made me feel like I got more than my money’s worth.

Hilario Godines
Owner, Renewable Energy Of Texas

This course helped answer the questions I didn't know to ask about how to design and install solar energy systems, and put them in context.

Michael Motola-Barnes

I can't believe how convenient and efficient this material was to learn. Half-way through this course I received a preliminary sales call from a customer who was interested in off-grid. Already with what I had learned, I was able to answer his questions much more authoritatively. Super grateful Sean and Hotsprings! Can't wait to get started on my Advanced Training!

Adam Pounds
Project Manager, King Solar Inc

Great course, I don't recommend taking a break mid-course for a couple months tho lol

Mark Rasmussen

I think this course is resoursful if you are a rockie in the solar industry, Sean seems to have an answer for any question you might have.

Mohamed Bahasan
Energy Engineer , CEDAP

this a great way to start learning PV the right way. I highly recommend it to all wanting to start in solar or who are already in the space.

James Pape
Owner, Selenium Solar

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot about PV. I liked the do it at your own pace. Sean was Great and very responsive.

Isaias Avila
Installer, ECC Solar

Sean's enthusiasm and humor make this course #1. I feel very lucky to have taken this course with Sean. His response time was also an amazing feature, since this is all remote learning, it was great to have answers to questions within 18h (give or take). Sean's a great teacher, he knows what's important, and he keeps his courses updated!! I loved my experience and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a NABCEP course in Solar.

Eric Ross
Lead Solar Installer, Greenlink Energy Solutions

A rigorous and comprehensive course, that introduces one to the complexities of Solar Systems, and does a good job preparing you for the NABCEP Associates exam.

Robert Hayward
Financial Analyst, Home

I found Sean's instruction to be very valuable and an enjoyable way to learn what I need to know while going for the NABCEP PV Installer exam.

Tristan Wall
Superintendent , JR&CO

Though I am designing the Solar PV system for residential and commercial since 8 years, this course made me mode so confident and more accurate design. I recommend to take this course who are in and thinking to come in PV sector.

Mangal Maharjan
Design Engineer, EDF Renewables

Sean is a fantastic instructor! He shares his knowledge and extensive experience in an engaging manner.

Frank Lynch
Intern, GRID Alternatives

I enjoyed the class and it's clear that Sean is incredibly knowledgable.

Burke Ruder

The course starts from the very basics to be a PV system hands on installer. It has plenty of useful tips and details for the ones as me that are beginning from scratch, and I think that the experienced ones will also find it useful.

Nestor Juan Pablo Zapata Diomedi

Great course, surpassed my expectations by far, very updated the information and the mounting systems (quick mount, invisivmount, rails, etc.) Im crew lead at Freedom Solar power in Texas, i have some friends doing courses in other places but they teach old school systems, not very updated. congrats for that, the install tips for flashings, ballasted, etc are very accurate, like very experience installer, resuming, very happy with the course, many of the things that i knew on the course were by hands on, here i could have a better understanding of the theory and the WHY, as well many knew things learned. Thank you so much.

Adriano Orfei
Crew Lead Installer , Freedom Solar Power

Sean White is an outstanding instructor and mentor. I enjoyed this course and looking to start PVIP.

Pezhman Rahimi
Director of Engineering, Partner Engineering and Science

I would recommend this course for anyone looking to obtain certification. I have taken other courses and they do not have the detailed explanations that this course covers. Also Sean's knowledge as an electrician speaks volumes.

Richard Fry
Co founder, Kuubix Global, LLC

I would strongly recommend Sean's course(s) to anyone looking to advance their knowledge about solar. His courses are very well designed to create a learning experience that makes you think about and understand each topic very well.

Sterling Jessop
CCO, 5 Star Solar

Thanks so much for the class I hope it helps me pass the test

Jeremy Booska
Operations Manager, Windmar Home Florida inc

I would highly recommend this course to anyone getting into the solar industry. I have been doing solar for 20+ years and still learned a lot from this course.

Richard Fry
Co founder, Kuubix Global, LLC

Take this course, do what Sean says and you will do well.

Scott Hart
Owner, Renewable Green Energy LLC

My experience with the Heat Spring course was very positive. The design of the course was very well put together in order to help advance the overall understanding of PV systems. The course also did a great job of teaching and helping to understand the technical aspects of PV systems. The course instructor did a fantastic job of thoroughly explaining each of the items and having the discussion platform, for instructor guidance and other student interaction and questions/comments, was very helpful. I also found the flexibility of the training schedule to be very beneficial. Thanks Sean!!

Sterling Jessop
CCO, 5 Star Solar

Highly recommended! Sean's humor, industry experience and insight made covering the material very manageable.

brendan blank
Assistant Project Manager, ForeFront Power

A very thoroughly explained prep resource to take the NABCEP. So grateful I invested and took the class. Not only am I more confident to tackle the NABCEP exam, I have a year access to the materials so I can really solidify my knowledge and confidence. Thank you so much! Can't wait to crush the exam!!!

Pam Quan
Lead Installer/ Certified Electrician, Luminalt Solar Energy Solutions

I enjoyed this course so much I'm already reaching out to try and get a program together to get all my employees NABCEP certified.

Justin Griffith
CEO/Owner, Pure Energy

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