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by Mustapha Chawqui, Design Engineer, Borrego Solar 04/30/2016

I would like to thank the provider of this course and the instructor for their creativity and good work. Keep up the good work!

by Robert Garton, PV Project Engineer, Self 03/08/2016

This is a great way to satisfy the NABCEP Advanced hours, and is also great preparation for the NABCEP exam.

by Brook Babcock 03/01/2016

Absolutely the best course available for the NABCEP PV Installer exam prep!!!

by Lucas Redrup 02/27/2016

Leaning code requirements and solar calculations can be a very boring process; Sean's course found a way to deliver that information in an interesting and informative way, making the learning process much more interesting and manageable.

by Jonathan Fournier, Technical Director, Alpine Renewable Energy 02/17/2016

The Heatspring course was well structured and provided relevant information about all a PV Installer and Design should know. I feel better equipped to troubleshoot PV systems and meet customer's requirements

by Jinfar Liu, Chief Electrical , Amergy Solar Inc 02/07/2016

yes i am

by santosh dhakal, engineer, NU Engineering 01/22/2016

A good presentation with real site examples.

by Tra Bi Gouglin, PV Installer, NRG Home Solar 12/07/2015

Not a this moment

by Brent Groce 12/05/2015

I have taken quite a few HeatSpring courses and I likely will take more but I nearly asked for a refund of the cost of this course. I had, based in Dr. White's credentials, very high expectations for the course and those expectations were definitely not met.

by rudy benitez, installer , solar tec system inc. 09/12/2015


by Leslie Andersen, Design Engineer, Leslie Andersen Consulting 08/03/2015

Shawn White's course exceeded my expectation not only for the potential for on-line learning - but also for bringing new and valuable depth and breadth the course material that is also timely and relevant.

by Thomas Douglas D 10/01/2023

by Andrew Z 09/25/2023

by MICHAEL E 09/25/2023

by Kelly C 09/25/2023

by Noah Y 09/25/2023

by Bryson M 09/24/2023

by Jason N 09/21/2023

by alfred t 09/19/2023

by Luis G 09/14/2023

by Bailey D 09/12/2023

by Michael R 09/08/2023

by Liam M 09/05/2023

by Kevin C 08/31/2023

by Tyler T 08/30/2023

by Dan W 08/28/2023

by Joan S 08/26/2023

by Ryan H 08/25/2023

by Matt A 08/23/2023

by Robert I 08/15/2023

by Luke P 08/14/2023

by Ben S 08/05/2023

by Walter M 07/27/2023

by Robin K 07/26/2023

by david n 07/25/2023

by Brian Z 07/20/2023

by Joseph E 07/17/2023

by Joseph E 07/13/2023

by asem s 07/12/2023

by Pasquale M 07/06/2023

by Amoi O 07/05/2023

by Tom D 07/03/2023

by Huiyun K 06/28/2023

by Timothy M 06/24/2023

by Timothy M 06/23/2023

by Dylan V 06/22/2023

by Aakash B 06/22/2023

by OMAR R 06/21/2023

by Derek E 06/19/2023

by Harlan H 06/18/2023

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